Lost Treasure of King Hundar

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Lost Treasure of King Hundar
Section Depths of Tyria Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Koris Deeprunner
in Umbral Grotto
(Depths of Tyria)
Preceded by Deeprunner's Map
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest
(Difficulty: Master)
Secret Lair of the Snowmen Level 1.jpg
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Assist Koris Deeprunner in his search for King Hundar's lost treasure in the Secret Lair of the Snowmen.

Quest information[edit]


  • Speak to Koris Deeprunner when you're ready to begin the hunt for King Hundar's lost treasure.
  • Raid the ancient cave to recover King Hundar's treasure.
  • See Koris Deeprunner for your reward.



Freezie's army.

Upon entry, you can take the Dwarven Raider from the Beacon of Droknar. The destination is all the way South. You will encounter massive numbers of fragile Snowmens which pose little threat. There are Ice Darts and Ice Spouts spread through the area, avoid them as much as you can.

After a short walk insde, a Mischievous Snowman will send two Ice Boulders your way, dodge them or your party will be killed instantly. The Area Map can be found at the second Beacon of Droknar, but the quest is pretty straight forward and is not of much use.

At the third Beacon of Droknar, turn east to get the Dungeon Key which drops after defeating the Angry Snowman at the very back of that little room. Procede slowly in there, many Snowmen and Ice Darts stand inside. The darts will deactivate after killing the key holder. Unlock the Dungeon Gate and fight the group immediatly behind it.

Head east, and battle Freezie and its large Snowmen army. This boss will drop the Boss Key, which opens the door right behind. Enter this chamber to trigger the final dialogue which spawns the Chest of Wintersday Past to collect your rewards.







Light of Deldrimor rewards[edit]


Initial dialogue[edit]

Koris Deeprunner

"According to the completed map, King Hundar's treasure lies not far from here. Incredible...all this time and I've been standing on top of a fortune beyond my wildest dreams! Are you ready to become wealthier than any god, <Player name>?"
Yes Accept: "Hundar's treasure is as good as ours!"
No Decline: "You go ahead and get buried in the cavern. In a thousand years even you may be worth something."
Ask Ask: "You and your party will be transported deep in the caverns below to hunt for King Hundar's treasure. Are you ready?"
Yes I was born ready.
No Not now.

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Koris Deeprunner: "I feel the treasure calling to me!"
Glimmering Snowman: "They found our secret lair! Snowmen, to arms!"
Mischievous Snowman: "Those who leave muddy bootprints in these hallowed halls do not leave alive. They leave...on ice!"
Industrious Snowman: "None dare enter our secret ice lair! You shall meet the same frigid fate as the Dwarf King!"
Freezie: "This is a sacred and holy place. For your trespass you shall be punished with icy snowballs...of death! Right in the eye!"
Koris Deeprunner: "This is it! This is where we...what by the bearded Dwarf goddess is this? ALE?"
Koris Deeprunner: "King Hundar's legendary treasure is a vat of ale? No! This can't be!"
Koris Deeprunner: "We came all this way...might as well give this ale a taste. Nothing like stumbling back to the surface drunk."
Koris Deeprunner: "Holy hierophant! That is the finest ale I've ever tasted in my life!"
Koris Deeprunner: "The recipe is right here! It'll take the world by storm."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Koris Deeprunner

"When we first found the ale I was skeptical, but when I think about how many thirsty Dwarves I know...well...I could turn a real profit with this find. "Deeprunner Brewery" has a nice ring to it, don't you think?"


  • Mid-way through the quest, you will find Wintersday Moa along the western side of the cave before the dungeon gate.
  • This is probably the best place to farm Deldrimor points. Large amounts of points can be farmed from here, as there are 170 enemies in a relatively small area. The mobs are also level 15 and relatively easy to kill.
    • To repeat the quest, you must zone out then back again after accepting the quest reward. For instance, changing districts after receiving the reward.
    • In normal mode, a typical run takes 10-15 minutes, and yields approximately 1000 Dwarven Reputation points. In hard mode, a typical run takes slightly longer, and yields approximately 50% more Dwarven Reputation points.
Bug Bug.Sometimes Koris Deeprunner will get stuck at a locked chest, making the quest impossible to complete.