Koris Deeprunner

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Koris Deeprunner
Deldrimor ranger.jpg
Affiliation Deldrimor
Type Dwarf
Profession Ranger Ranger
Service Quest giver
Level(s) 24
Campaign Eye of the North

Koris Deeprunner is a dwarf NPC located in Umbral Grotto. He takes map pieces and will offer the quest Lost Treasure of King Hundar after getting a full set.



Quests given:



Umbral Grotto

During Deeprunner's Map:

"Long ago, a human who came to Droknar's Forge sold me the middle of a piece of what was an ancient map that led me here. After spending countless days researching the ancient Dwarven chronicles, I have come to believe that this is a piece of the map to the great King Hundar's ancient lost treasure. If only I can find the other pieces to the map, I might be able to track down the treasure! So far I've found [1..4] of 5 pieces.
Ask"Tell me more about the first map piece you purchased."
"Well, all I've got here is a tiny middle section of the map, and no, I'm not going to let you see it and steal my treasure! My hope is the rest of the pieces are up here someplace. If I can find them all, surely I can find King Hundar's treasure."
Ask"Tell me which map pieces you're got already:
So far, I've found the following map piece[s]:
Center map piece
<Names of other map pieces obtained>"

After completion of the Lost Treasure of King Hundar

"I tell you, I thought we were going to find untold riches in gold and jewels in King Hundar's treasure; an entire room filled with ale wasn't even something I'd considered. I'm turning a handy profit on the brew. Tell all your friends that Deeprunner Lager is the finest in all the known lands!"

During the Lost Treasure of King Hundar:

"I feel the treasure calling to me!"


"You're not afraid of Oozes, are you?"
"Come on. There's nothing to fear here."
"Did you hear that?"

After reaching the final room:

"What was once Hundar's is now mine! Hahaha!"
"I'm not usually a bather, but I'm going to soak in King Hundar's gold pieces!"