Icicle Staff

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Icicle Staff
Icicle Staff.jpg
Type Staff
Campaign(s) Eye of the North
Divine Favor
Soul Reaping
Inspiration Magic
Energy Storage
Spawning Power
Damage type(s) Dependent on attribute
PvP reward class Fancy
8 Silver Zaishen Coin
Common salvage Piles of Glittering Dust
Inventory icon Icicle Staff.png

A staff which resembles a very large, detached icicle. It is a type of semi-universal staff.


Eye of the North


Dye stongly affects the staff, coloring some portions to the color of the dye and others to the inverse color. The flat head of the staff, however, usually retains some of its white color. It is dyed yellow by default.

Icicle Staff dye chart.jpg