TPS Regulator Golem

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TPS Regulator Golem
Affiliation Asura
Type Golem
Profession Warrior Warrior
Level(s) 29 (32)
Campaign Eye of the North

The Total Protection Security (TPS) Regulator Golem usually protects Oola's Lab, but a simple cracked circuit card has turned it and all the other Golem defenses unstable, causing them to attack anyone who enters.

Defeating the TPS will complete the Oola's Lab dungeon.




Armor ratings[edit]

Armor ratings
Blunt damage 127 Piercing damage 127 Slashing damage 127
Cold damage 107 Earth damage 107 Fire damage 107 Lightning damage 107

Items dropped[edit]


  • The TPS itself is relatively weak. However, it is guarded by numerous flame dart traps and a pair of Flame Guardians.
    • Melee-ranged characters can be quickly killed by the traps; try to pull the golems down the stairs to avoid this.
    • Defeating the Flame Guardians disables the traps.
    • You can combine both strategies by going to the far right of the stairway; flag any heroes in corner (on the raised terrain). As soon as the nearest Guardian is close enough, aggro it (using a ranged attack). Retreat along the back wall, then back to the stairs, and climb just the first few. Ideally, that Guardian and TPS will be stuck on one of the flame traps; the worst-case still allows you to tackle either or both without dealing with the second Guardian and suffering only moderate damage from the traps.