Kilroy Stonekin's Punch-Out Extravaganza!

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Kilroy Stonekin's Punch-Out Extravaganza!
Section Far Shiverpeaks Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Kilroy Stonekin
in Gunnar's Hold
(Far Shiverpeaks)
Preceded by Punch the Clown
Followed by The Throwdown in a Norn Town
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest
(Solo Quest)
Fronis Irontoe's Lair map.jpg
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Aid the insane Kilroy by giving your fists a workout those Stone Summit hooligans will never forget!

Quest information[edit]


  • Speak to Kilroy when you are ready to hunt for Fronis Irontoe.
  • Accompany Kilroy. Find and defeat Fronis Irontoe using nothing but brass knuckles.
  • See Kilroy Stonekin for your reward.



Upon entering Fronis Irontoe's Lair, your skills will be replaced with the Brawling build (an extra skill will become available in Hard mode, Brawling Combo Punch). Kilroy Stonekin will fight along side you and use his shout "Kilroy Stonekin". Make your way through the Stone Summit one by one.

At one point, you'll come across an entire room of Stone Summit, but they only turn hostile two or three at a time. Focus on one target at a time (preferably the same targeted by Kilroy Stonekin), as defeating a foe will refill some of your health. If you are knocked down, use STAND UP! repeatedly until your energy is fully restored. If Kilroy KD'd, he will revive when no foes are around. If you just want to complete the dungeon, you can run all the way to Fronis and punch him down, bypassing the blockade by Lieutenant Mahgma and his companions.

At the end of the cave, you will encounter Fronis Irontoe and an Enslaved Ettin. Although you only need to kill Fronis to finish the quest, it is easier if you kill the Ettin first.

Normal Mode tactics[edit]

  • Keep moving. Killing a foe heals you fast and preserves your adrenaline.
  • Engage a new group with Brawling Uppercut, Brawling Headbutt, or both ready. This takes down their numbers quickly and provides you with healing and adrenaline at the same time.
  • Save Brawling Uppercut for the carvers and crushers. The rangers are merely annoying unless you're already badly injured. Don't waste these powerful skills on foes that are near death.
  • Pack a bow, wand, or staff. As soon as you defeat Lieutenant Mahgma, run for the final encounter. Plink the ettin with your bow until Kilroy catches up to you. This preserves (and builds) your adrenaline for the final encounter.
    • Any customized Flatbow can be used against the Stone Summit Rangers; although it will deal only 1 damage per hit, the rangers will not retaliate and you can (very slowly) take them down without threat of getting KO'd. If you use a Vampiric Bow, you will do 6 damage per hit.

Advanced tactics[edit]

  • When starting the game, run up near the two first mobs and wait for Kilroy to catch up. Run in front of him and attack them. Save your adrenal attack and double combo punch for the next group.
  • When approaching the second group, quickly attack one of the two first melee Stone Summit Dwarves. Unleash your adrenal attacks on him starting with your knockdown. If you knocked him out quickly enough you and Kilroy should have no problems finishing the rest.
  • On the third group, run straight up to the ranger on the far right. Kill him and move on to Ettin. Then run up and kill the three Dwarves in the doorway. Unleashing an adrenal chain here is beneficial.
  • On the fourth group, run towards the dwarf on the right side. Run straight past the wolf and knock him out. Kilroy will follow you, if the other dwarf joins combat, kill him next as that will usually be the target Kilroy attacks. Finish up the wolves.
  • In the hallway, Kilroy will often die, and so will you. Kill them and move on towards the entrance of the boss room.
  • Wait for Kilroy to be near you, and move on to the big room. Pull the mobs to the top of the small hill there by the doorway, and unleash a big attack chain at once. If you did this correctly, you will now have aggro and will be defeating the next dwarf. If you are standing on the top of the hill, most of the dwarves will be running in to the middle before running up to you. That means you will fight all the dwarves two versus one, and will be able to finish up the room very quickly. If Kilroy dies, try to continue as long as possible. But if you die, it is very slow to get a good hold on the situation when fighting three versus one all the time. So pull the mobs far away from Kilroy's corpse and resurrect him.
  • On the first boss group, Kilroy will almost always start with the far left dwarf. Unleash a big attack chain and kill him first, then kill the second. Kill boss last. If Kilroy dies pull him away. The boss will follow you indefinitely while the other dwarves will move back. Kilroy will not move in to the boss room without you being near him, and he will take care of the returning dwarves in the hallway.
  • In the final boss room, it is perfectly applicable to attack the ettin directly without delay. As long as you pull it a little back so Kilroy starts attacking it earlier, killing it and giving you a health boost. Use knockdowns on Fronis Irontoe instead of the ettin as the ettin is immune to knockdown.
  • When you are fighting 3 or more foes at the same time, let Kilroy attack first and choose the same target as he does. A quick kill provides you with a health bonus and reduces the total damage you take.
  • While KO'd and surrounded by several foes, pick the opponent with the lowest HP and use Brawling Combo Punch or Brawling Straight Right as your first attack after standing up. Taking a dwarf down quickly decreases the threats and potential damage against you, gives you an easier route to retreat, and boosts your health.

Additional tips[edit]

  • With assassin as one of your professions, maximize dagger mastery. This gives a chance of double strikes, which give extra adrenaline and a little extra damage.
  • Your Brawling Combo Punch recharges when you get knocked out. If your energy is low, you can use this to take care of the bosses. However, Lieutenant Mahgma will most likely interrupt it immediately if his Dwarven Battle Stance is active. Instead, use Brawling Block, wait 2-3 seconds, then unleash the combo punch on him.
  • If Kilroy dies in the room with Lieutenant Mahgma, you can pull the mobs far enough away from him that he self-resurrects. However, this requires that you be under the effects of a consumable-based speed boost (e.g. Rock Candy).

Special considerations for Survivor candidates[edit]

The quest is renowned for its part in easily obtaining the Survivor Title: it is repeatable and death is easily avoided. The following ideas are designed for Survivors, but are generally useful in completing the Dungeon. The quest is riskier for caster professions, with a maximum AR of 60.

  • Be sure to use maximum armor.
  • There are several useful Insignias and Runes.
  • Map STAND UP! to more than one key and/or alternate mouse-clicks with the 8 key; this will make it easier to regain your energy quickly, even if you need to recharge it to 140 energy.
  • With full adrenaline, use the following skill chain for a quick kill: Brawling Combo Punch > Brawling Uppercut > Brawling Straight Right.
  • Use extreme caution when resigning. You can die a real death (losing progress towards the Survivor title) if you resign while knocked out or if you get knocked out before the game acknowledges your resignation. Try to reach a safe area and map out instead (your Guild Hall is usually the easiest place to reach, using the default keyboard shortcut of [G]).
Maximizing experience gains[edit]

Use experience scrolls to reduce the number of times you need to complete the quest. (You need just under 1.2 million experience to go from L20's 140,600 xp the 1,337,500 xp for Legendary Survivor .) Repeating this in normal mode requires about 140 visits, since each run earns about 8,468 experience without scrolls.

  • You can reduce the number of normal mode runs to 104 runs using Scrolls of Adventurer's Insight.
  • It takes only 29 runs in hard mode using Scrolls of Slayer's Insight (42,000 xp/run).
  • The most cost-efficient choice is a Scroll of Berserker's Insight, if you can make it last until you kill Lieutenant Mahgma.
  • Since experience gain is capped at 300% in hard mode, there is no additional value in paying for scrolls offering more than a 250% XP bonus from kills.
  • You cannot use more than one scroll at a time.

For farming Irontoe's Chest[edit]

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Map showing mobs and run-path for farming

You can farm this dungeon without killing any mobs except for Fronis Irontoe.

  • As soon as you zone into the lair start running towards the group of four dwarves (two archers, two melee) at the exit to the first room. Before you arrive at the dwarves Kilroy will use his shout, increasing your movement speed - this will allow you pass between the two archers and proceed into the second room.
  • In the second room run slightly to the right of the archer. The three melee dwarves will begin to run towards the exit but if you continue running past the archer you will overtake them and enter the third room before they arrive. If you target the archer he will use one of these three tactics: take no shots and run past and then follow you a short bit, use Point Blank Shot then stand around, or use Marauder's Shot and take 1-2 more shots, possibly including Point Blank shot. Use Brawling Block to block as many attacks as needed.
  • The third room is relatively straightforward; run past the wolf and melee dwarf, and between the two melee dwarves at the exit to the room.
    • It is very easy to rubberband if you have any latency when attempting to exit this room. To help avoid rubberbanding avoid getting into melee range with the dwarves for as long as possible.
  • The archers in the fourth room can cause a significant amount of damage and it is not uncommon to be 'knocked out' near the exit to this room. Hugging the left wall will minimize the time you are in this room and in range of the archers and Brawling Block can be used to negate some of the damage.
    • There is also a patrol of two melee dwarves in this room (not marked on the map.)
  • The following room (number five) can be bypassed by passing on the right side of the rightmost allied dwarf near the exit.
    • As you pass the allied dwarf, strafing to the left can cause any pursuers to get body blocked by the allied dwarves. This is also a common place for rubberbanding (using /stuck is handy to make sure you got between dwarf and wall)
  • The final room contains only Fronis Irontoe and an Enslaved Ettin. At this point Kilroy's shout will have expired but it should not be problematic to kill Fronis without it.
    • Ignore the ettin; it cannot be knocked down and does not need to be killed to cause Irontoe's Chest to spawn.
    • It is probable that you get 'knocked out' once or twice during this fight.

To minimize time between runs:

  • Map travel to Gunnar's Hold after you have looted Irontoe's Chest.
  • Accept the quest reward from Kilroy.
  • Switch districts (switch to International from your district, or vice-versa, if there is only one local district.) or return to the character selection screen and select the same character again (F12, c, space/enter).
  • Speak to Kilroy, accept the quest, and enter the Lair.

In hard mode this run takes around ten minutes. Rewards:

  • 2500 exp
  • 375 Dwarf Reputation Points
  • 250 gold
  • 1 Locked Chest
  • 2 Aged Dwarven Ale, 2 Dwarven Ale or one of each

Recommended equipment[edit]

General tips[edit]

Exclamation Point - Red Emblem.svg Note for Survivors: Failing to get up counts as a death; decide quickly whether you will continue or map out.
  • You can use items and switch weapons while Knocked Out, since the KO does not count as a Death. Use the opportunity to refresh experience scrolls.
  • You can damage Stone Summit Rangers using a Vampiric Long or Flatblow; they will not retaliate if you stand outside of aggro range..
  • Almost every foe has the same health: 80 in normal mode and 200 in hard mode. Exceptions: Ettins, Wolves and bosses.
  • Kilroy Stonekin doesn't gain health from enemy deaths, he does however have some natural health regeneration.
  • Attacking the same foe as Kilroy allows you to regain health more quickly; each death boosts your health substantially.
  • Kilroy is vulnerable to the archers past the second door; try to pull them out of the hallway so that he can survive longer. Similarly, pull the next set of enemies into the archers' now-empty area, so that you need only fight a few at a time. If you find yourself overwhelmed, run away; the dwarves will return to their original positions while you take time to heal.
  • Treasure Hunters should enter the dungeon in normal mode, grab the loot from the locked chest, and zone out quickly, avoiding any fighting at all.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Kilroy Stonekin

"Now that yer knuckles are dirty, it's time to put those skills to good use. Fronis Irontoe, the brother of a particular Stone Summit I loathe, has set up camp nearby. He's commanding a pack of no good filthy fighters. Take a whiff. Can you smell 'em? Let's give our fists a workout those Stone Summit hooligans will never forget!"
Yes Accept: "You're insane, Kilroy. I love it."
No Decline: "You're insane, Kilroy. I'm not going anywhere with you."
Ask Ask: "You will be removed from your party to join Kilroy in a brass-knuckled assault on Fronis Irontoe's lair. [sic] Are you ready?"
Yes Let's do it. (Sent to Fronis Irontoe's Lair if you have Brass Knuckles equipped or in your inventory, or have an open inventory slot.)
"You need an open inventory slot for the brass knuckles to accept this quest. Speak to me when you have inventory space." (If so.)
No Not now.

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

At start[edit]

Kilroy Stonekin

"I haven't seen Fronis in a long time. I can't wait to introduce him to my friends."

Stone Summit (quote)

"Holy frozen beards, that's Kilroy Stonekin!"

Stone Summit (quote)

"Kilroy? How in the name of the Great Destroyer did you find us up here?"

Stone Summit (quote)

"Kilroy Stonekin! I still owe him money. Run for it!"
On meeting Fronis[edit]

Fronis Irontoe

"Kilroy Stonekin, ya son of a Yakslapper! I don't know how you made it this far, but I'm happy to be the one to bury you."

Kilroy Stonekin

"Allow me to introduce you to my friends. Lefty, Righty, give our friend Fronis a proper welcome!"

Stone Summit battle quotes[edit]

"Get 'em!"
"Fight back, cowards!"
"It's time to say goodnight, Kilroy!"
"Mahgma says, 'Knock you out!'"
"Say goodbye to your teeth!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Kilroy Stonekin

"Did ya see the look on their faces when we crashed their party, fists-a-flailin'? I've not had a better time in years! Good fightin', <character name>! I need to go ice down my fists now. I suggest you do the same."


  • To quickly repeat the quest, you can rezone or switch districts after accepting the reward.
  • There are several differences between Normal and Hard modes:
    • The dwarves have 80 health in normal mode and 200 in hard mode.
    • You have 500 health in NM and 600 in HM.
    • When a foe dies, you gain 200 health in NM and 300 in HM.
    • In HM, the rangers use Broad Head Arrow if you have a caster weapon equipped.
  • If Kilroy does more damage to an enemy, you will gain experience, but any experience scroll effects will not be renewed.
  • Standard attacks don't affect you, only skills.
  • Kilroy is affected by standard attacks.
  • Kilroy does not gain +200/300 health after a monster is killed, so to keep him alive, make sure you lead the way.
  • This quest is a reasonable way to earn money quickly: assuming you identify and sell everything, you should expect to earn 1–3Platinum per run.
  • You can repeat this quest to level up heroes if you add them into your party before accepting the quest reward.
  • During special events, you have the same chances of getting special drops as anywhere else.
Anomaly Anomaly.If you resign after opening the dungeon chest, you will receive a note stating that you failed the quest. However, you still be able to collect the reward from Kilroy.
Bug Bug.If one levels up while knocked down (e.g. because Kilroy kills an enemy) STAND UP! has no effect and you will be kicked out of the dungeon. Unfortunately, this counts as a death towards a Survivor title — be sure to map out of the dungeon if this happens.
Bug Bug.As in other areas, locked chests can spawn inside a wall. Should you be able to open the chest but cannot pick up the loot, complete the dungeon and wait 3 minutes for the game to return you to Gunnar's Hold. The item will then appear in the Unclaimed Items window.
Bug Bug.Sometimes Kilroy may get stuck on a chest that has spawned in his way, if you lure a Stone Summit near him he will often get free, otherwise you will have to continue without him.