Chest of the Slaver (Rand Stormweaver)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Dungeon reward chest for Rand Stormweaver's level. For other levels, see Chest of the Slaver.
Chest of the Slaver
Dungeon reward chest.jpg
Type Dungeon Chest
Campaign Eye of the North

This Chest of the Slaver (Rand Stormweaver) will spawn after defeating Rand Stormweaver in the Slavers' Exile dungeon. Each player in the party can open the chest and will receive one item from the drop list in normal mode and two in hard mode.


Depths of Tyria


Rare crafting materials[edit]



  • Unlike other Dungeon Chests, no countdown-timer will appear once every Party Member has opened the Chest. This allows players to exit the current level back to the Slavers' Exile staging area.

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