Splinter Mine

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Splinter Mine
Splinter Mine.jpg
A dormant Splinter Mine
Splinter mine exposed.jpg
An activated Splinter Mine
Type Interactive object
Skill Splinter Mine (skill).jpg Splinter Mine (skill)
Campaign Prophecies

Splinter Mines are part of the environment in the Elona Reach mission. They have the appearance of a shrivelled plant and react when party members approach. A glowing circle similar to a ward will appear, and after 5 seconds, Splinter Mine skill will be activated, inflicting Crippled and Bleeding on every creature within the circle, both ally and foe. The Splinter Mine will continue activating the effect every 3 seconds, until someone interacts with it, removing the core.

Once a player interacts with the Splinter Mine, it will trigger the effect for a last time. The player will get a Splinter Mine bundle item, which, once dropped, will activate the Splinter Mine skill once against only foes in the player's location after approximately 3 seconds.