Helping the People of Ascalon

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Helping The People of Ascalon
Section Ascalon Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Ambassador Zain
in Old Ascalon
Preceded by The King's Message
Type Secondary quest

Ambassador Zain wants to help, hoping that his tidings of charity will open up friendly relations between Kryta and Rin. To help, he's provided some necessary supplies for the children that were orphaned during the Searing. King Adelbern gets furious when he hears this, as he doesn't trust any Krytans.

Quest information[edit]





After talking with Ambassador Zain, go back to Ascalon City. You'll find Ellie Rigby standing to the east of Warmaster Tydus. Speak with her, and she'll take the supplies from you. Go back out into Old Ascalon, and get your quest reward from the Ambassador.



Other characters[edit]

Ascalon Army[edit]

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Initial dialogue[edit]

Ambassador Zain
"I do not understand the hostility that my presence generates from your King. I seek only to help the people of Ascalon. You could help me in this cause. I have a shipment of supplies that I was going to deliver to an Ascalon woman called Ellie Rigby. She runs an orphanage for those who have lost their parents in these evil times. King Adelbern however will not allow me in the city to deliver these supplies."
"Would you help the children of Ascalon for me and deliver the supplies?"
Yes Accept: "I will gladly help you."
No Decline: "I don't care for children."
Ask Ask: "Deliver the supplies to Ellie Rigby in Ascalon City."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Ellie Rigby
"Thank you! Go and tell our mutual friend that these supplies will be put to good use. Thank Dwayna there are people like him around to help those in need. I honestly don't understand why certain people are so suspicious of...people like our friend."

When re-entering Old Ascalon:

King Adelbern: "Stand aside, Rurik."
Prince Rurik: "Before you do this, Father, think about your motives."
King Adelbern: "That Krytan is a cancer on the underbelly of Ascalon. I need no further motive than that to cut him away before he does more harm."
Prince Rurik: "Ambassador Zain is here to offer us aid. He extends his hand in friendship."
King Adelbern: "No Krytan will ever be a friend of Ascalon."
Prince Rurik: "Do not be foolish, old man! If you have not noticed, Ascalon is in no position to turn away help, even from those who were once our enemies."
King Adelbern: "I grow tired of this, Rurik. Step aside this instant! We are here to arrest Ambassador Zain and try him as a traitor of this nation."
Prince Rurik: "I will not allow you to jeopardize the fate of Ascalon because of your petty jealousy! If you intend to arrest the ambassador, then you will first have to go through me."
Prince Rurik: "Go home father. Let me deal with this."
King Adelbern: "This is a mistake, Rurik. Mark my words. This Krytan will be the death of us all."
King Adelbern: "Guards. With me."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Ambassador Zain
"Well done my friend. You have done a great and merciful deed this day. I hope that this is the first step toward our two nations becoming allies."