Ambassador Zain

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Ambassador Zain
Ambassador Zain.jpg
Affiliation White Mantle
Type Human
Profession Monk Monk
Level(s) 15 (20)
Campaign Prophecies
Ambassador Zain location.jpg
Location in Old Ascalon

Ambassador Zain can be found outside Ascalon City. He is a White Mantle representative, sent to offer aid to Ascalon. His entry into the city is denied by King Adelbern, though Prince Rurik is in favor of the Ambassador's entry.



Quests given:

Quests involved in:



Prophecies characters:

"Unseen Ones preserve you! I am Ambassador Zain, and I have the honor of representing the White Mantle. It is my hope that we can be friends.
Now then, what's on your mind?"
⇒"I'd like to know more about you."
"As you wish. I have a few moments to spare."
⇒"You don't look like an Ascalon."
"Haha. I should think not. My companions and I crossed the mountains to come here. We are from Kryta, to the west. Surely you have not forgotten us. It is not so long since Ascalon and Kryta were at war, is it?"
⇒"How are things in Kryta?"
"There is peace in Kryta. What more need you hear? The wisdom of men may fail. Place your faith in the Unseen Ones. Life is good for those sheltered by the White Mantle.
⇒"You have no ill will toward Ascalon?"
"The war between Kryta and Ascalon is over, and both kingdoms have been transformed. Old grudges have no place in this new world. It is time for there to be friendship between us once more."
⇒"How has Kryta changed?"
Same as "How are things in Kryta?"
⇒"It seems you are the one who has forgotten about the war."
Same as "You have no ill will toward Ascalon?"
⇒"What is the White Mantle?"
The White Mantle serve the Unseen Ones who saved Kryta from the Charr invasion. We have brought peace and stability to the lands of the west. Our fields are no longer ruined by battle, and the ships that ply our ports bring trade, not warfare.
⇒"Ah, I did not think you were from Ascalon."
Same as "You don't look like an Ascalon."
⇒"What brings you here?"
"Confessor Dorian, head of the White Mantle, has foreseen dire times for Ascalon. Troubled by these visions, he sent me, to offer King Adelbern our help in these dark days."
⇒"You are not from Ascalon?"
Same as "You don't look like an Ascalon."
⇒"What is this "White Mantle you speak of?"
Same as "What is the White Mantle?"
×"I have heard enough, thank you."
×"Good luck to you."
⇒"Why are you here"
Same as "What brings you here?"
×"Farewell, Ambassador."
×"I'll be on my way."

Non-Prophecies characters:

"Please pardon me. It is not that I do not wish to speak with you, but I am on an important diplomatic mission here in Ascalon, and King Adelbern is very wary of foreigners. It might hinder my efforts to be seen talking to you. I hope you understand."