Confessor Dorian

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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars Prophecies and Saul's Story.

Confessor Dorian
Confessor Dorian.jpg
Affiliation White Mantle
Type Human
Profession Monk Monk
Level(s) 20 (26), 18
Campaigns Prophecies
Bonus Mission Pack
Confessor Dorian D'Alessio Seaboard map.jpg
Location in D'Alessio Seaboard
Confessor Dorian Thunderhead Keep map.jpg
Location in Thunderhead Keep

Confessor Dorian was one of the founding members of the White Mantle, and remained one of its most prominent members until his death. He was present at the Rise of the White Mantle, where he witnessed the kidnapping of Saul D'Alessio and the murders of Gisinger, Bryen, Jaemes and Rebekah.

He is first met by the player at the Temple of Tolerance, where the Ascalonians must help him protect the Scepter of Orr from the Lich's undead forces. He is next seen in the end cinematic for Bloodstone Fen issuing a warrant for the capture and execution of the player for the murder of his friend and ally Justiciar Hablion. He is seen again making an inspection of the Temple of the Unseen in Riverside Province, and makes his final appearance in Thunderhead Keep, where he is killed.




15 Healing Prayers (20 Healing Prayers in Hard mode)

Bonus Mission Pack[edit]

14 Healing Prayers


During the Rise of the White Mantle:

"The White Mantle serves the greater good of all."


Battle quotes[edit]

During D'Alessio Seaboard:

"I wish our meeting could be under different conditions, but now we must fight."
"Now is not the time for idle chatter!"

During Thunderhead Keep:

"By my divine hand you will pay for your heresy!"
"You deserve only one punishment. Death."

Items dropped[edit]


  • After his death in Thunderhead Keep, he is referred to as "Dorian the Martyr" by the White Mantle.
  • During the closed Alpha in late 2003/early 2004, as well as in The Protectors of Kryta, Confessor Dorian was called Confessor Schessler.[1]