The Ambassador's Quandary

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The Ambassador's Quandary
Section Ascalon Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Ambassador Zain
in Old Ascalon
Preceded by The King's Message
Followed by A Mission of Peace
Type Secondary quest
The Ambassador's Quandary map.jpg
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Ambassador Zain is having a tough time keeping bandits out of his supplies, yet he cannot deal with the thief himself (being a Krytan in Ascalon).

Quest information[edit]



  • Go to Regent Valley. Hunt down the bandit Torin.
  • Return to Ambassador Zain for your reward.


  1. Can be salvaged


The easiest way to complete this quest is to wait until you get to Fort Ranik (after finishing the The Great Northern Wall).

Head south from Fort Ranik. A group of Charr may come running from the arches to greet you, so take them out. Head west and keep with the arches. You'll engage some Renegades and Renegade Elementalists. At the next turn, head north. Some Devourers may pop up from the ground. Cross the bridge and take out the first group of Renegades after the bridge. Then, head west to the dead end where Torin and two Renegade Elementalists are standing. Kill Torin and his buddies, then go back and see Ambassador Zain for your reward.



Human (Bandit)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Ambassador Zain
"Alas, despite the current peace between Kryta and Ascalon, your King Adelbern still chooses to view all Krytans with distrust. He respects the old laws too much to do anything untoward, but I must take care not to give him any excuse to expel me from the kingdom. Therein lies my trouble.
Unable to enter the city, my men have been forced to travel south to Regent Valley to re-supply and have been victimized repeatedly by a bandit named Torin. We would hunt down Torin ourselves, but shedding the blood of an Ascalon, even a criminal like Torin, might be a mistake. Will you attend to this bandit threat for me?"
Yes Accept: "I'll take care of it."
No Decline: "I'm sorry. I have other things I must do."
Ask Ask: "I am relying on you to deal with this Torin for me. Each day his exploits go without consequence, others are emboldened to victimize us."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Ambassador Zain
"You have my sincerest thanks for ridding us of that troublesome Torin. It gives me hope to see that not all the people of Ascalon are blinded by the troubles of old. May the Unseen Ones watch over you."



  • The spot that you find Torin in, is close to the pre-Searing location of "the secret garden".