The secret garden

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The secret garden
Secret Garden.jpg
Campaign Prophecies
Region Ascalon (pre-Searing)
Type Landmark
Secret Garden Map.jpg
Location from Fort Ranik
Secret Garden Entrance.jpg
Entrance to the Secret Garden
Nicholas Sandford and Proffessor Yakkington.jpg
Nicholas Sandford and Professor Yakkington

The secret garden is a small hidden area in the Regent Valley area of Ascalon (pre-Searing). Within this area, several ruins can be found, as well as some very beautiful scenery.

Getting there[edit]

Finding this location can be difficult because it is obscured by several bushes and vines. Travel westwards from Fort Ranik. You will see bushes and vines growing along a river bank in Regent Valley. With a little searching, access to the Secret Garden can be found behind those bushes. On the way there you will most likely run into some Skale Broodcallers. You can ignore them because they won't follow you into the area. Once you've found it, an easy way to gain access is to scroll the camera out all the way, pan it up, and click somewhere inside the cave. Your character will automatically find a path through the shrubbery. Some characters can walk through the large boulder on the right of the bushes.





  • If you have trouble finding the entrance, look for the shrubs north of the boulder (where the route changes from heading north to northwest). The opening to the cave is east of the shrubs, but you enter from the west, pushing through the boulder. Since the usual approach is from the south (facing north), the cave entrance and boulder are on the right.
  • The secret garden ceases to exist in post-Searing. Although you can walk to the same location, the area no longer has foliage or ponds. It overlaps with the spawn point for the Fort Ranik mission and is close to Torin's location during The Ambassador's Quandary.


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