The Egg Hunter

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The Egg Hunter
Section Ascalon Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Duke Gaban
in Lakeside County
(Ascalon (pre-Searing))
Type Secondary quest
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Quest Information[edit]



  • Escort Fadden Hathorn into the Devourer cave [sic] and keep him safe while he gathers eggs.
  • Escort Fadden Hathorn back to Duke Gaban.
  • Return to Duke Gaban for your reward.


Environmental changes[edit]

  • Upon completing this quest, Duke Gaban and Fadden Hathorn will disappear from the pre-searing area. They can both be seen again in post-searing, Fadden in Sardelac Sanitarium and Duke Gaban in the Bonus Mission Pack.


Exit Ascalon City and follow the road to the river. Cross the river and go slightly uphill. Hold down the Alt button to see where Duke Gaban and Fadden Hathorn are. Accept the quest and lead Fadden into the cave. Keep Fadden safe from the Devourers while he's collecting the eggs. Once he collects three eggs, go back to Duke Gaban and collect your reward. Note also that while the quest objective says "Escort Fadden back to Duke Gaban", you don't actually have to do this.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Duke Gaban
"You there! You look like a sturdy <Character profession>. I've tasked my man Fadden here with retrieving devourer eggs for me from the cave over yonder. However, he appears unmanned by the devourers, afraid of being eaten or some rot like that. I need a brave soul to keep the devourers away from Fadden while he does the job for which he has been paid."
"What say you to that?"
Yes Accept: "I'll protect Fadden."
No Decline: "Why don't you do it yourself?"
Ask Ask: "Get back in that cave and make sure Fadden gathers all of the eggs that he can."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

If you go away from the cave:

Fadden Hathorn: "Hello! The devourer eggs are back in the cave. I'll head back there and wait for you."

Repeated for each nest:

Fadden Hathorn: "Look, there's an egg!"
Fadden Hathorn: "This will only take a moment. Wait for me, will you?"
Fadden Hathorn: "Got it! Let's keep moving."

On doing all nests:

Fadden Hathorn: "Thank you ever so much for your assistance. Let's get back to the duke."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Duke Gaban
"Well done. I'll give you a couple eggs for your trouble. I'm not usually so generous, but I happen to be in a jovial mood at the moment."


  • Upon completing the quest, Duke Gaban will give you two Devourer Eggs. One can be used in the quest The Worm Problem and the other in The Rogue's Replacement. You can also get eggs by giving Brownlow five skale fins or trading with another player.
  • Fadden flees in terror from every foe. He will refuse to proceed deeper into the cave until you kill all the enemies in his way.
  • When the devourers pop-up, a Hidden Stash can also spawn. On rare occasions, this might block Fadden's path. To get him to move, try pulling some foes nearby, which should cause him to flee. If that does not work, you will have to rezone and try again.
Bug Bug.When you attack a devourer that is trapped behind a rock or egg, your attacks can be obstructed. Reposition yourself so that you can attack from a different angle (or bring skills that can do damage without a line-of-sight).