The Rogue's Replacement

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The Rogue's Replacement
Section Ascalon Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Old Mac
in Lakeside County
(Ascalon (pre-Searing))
Type Secondary quest

This quest comes available after killing the Rogue Bull as part of the quest, A Mesmer's Burden. It turns out that the bull (named 'Bill'), was owned by Old Mac. After returning to Lakeside County from the Ascalon City exit, Old Mac will appear from the resurrection shrine on the left. He will walk up to Lady Althea by Althea's Actors Stage and have a conversation with her. He will then walk back the way he came and stand just outside the entrance to Ascalon City; he will give the quest at any time after talking to Althea.

Quest information[edit]



  • Search for a source of devourer eggs in Lakeside County. Collect one devourer egg.
  • Return to Old Mac for your reward.



Old Mac appears at the Ascalon City exit, runs to Althea, has a short dialog, and then offers the quest.

Simply find a devourer egg and return it to Old Mac. See the devourer egg article for information on acquiring them.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Old Mac
"You! You're the one who killed my bull, Bill! 'Twas at Althea's bidding, sure, but that's naught to me. If you and that Althea woman won't compensate me, I'll take my case to the constabulary, and I'll get satisfaction. That bull protected my farm for all these years. Who will protect it now? Hmm… You know what might do the trick? A devourer might, if I could raise it from a hatchling and train it myself. Tell you what: you bring me a Devourer egg, and we'll call it even. What do you say?"
Yes Accept: "You've got a deal."
No Decline: "Your threats don't scare me."
Ask Ask: "Just bring me one devourer egg, and all will be forgiven. I'd give it to you in writing, if I had a scrap of paper to my name."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Old Mac
"Ah, that's lovely! A devourer all my own. I think I'll call him Joe. Come Joe, let's get you someplace warm and dry. Shhh… There's a good egg."


Anomaly Anomaly.If you have someone with you who is neither a primary nor a secondary Mesmer, Old Mac doesn't reappear.
Anomaly Anomaly.While Old Mac is talking to Lady Althea (before he gives the quest) he answers Althea a few moments before she says anything.
  • Old Mac appears in the Norn fighting tournament(in GW:EN), with a fully grown Devourer, which acts as his pet.
  • He also appears in Deldrimor Bowl as part of another quest, Hungry Devourer,with his pet devourer Joe.
  • The best source of eggs is Duke Gaban's quest, The Egg Hunter, across the river from Ascalon City, at the Devourer Cave.