Skale Fin

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Disambig icon.png This article is about about the Skale Fin in the Nightfall campaign. For the item of the same name in the Prophecies campaign, see Skale Fin (pre-Searing).
Skale Fin
Skale Fin.png
Rarity Common
Type Trophy
Value 5 Gold
Stackable Yes
Campaign Nightfall
Collector(s) Chef Panjoh
Common salvage 1 Scale
1 Tanned Hide Square
Skale Fin.jpg

Skale Fins are dropped by the Skale that populate the rivers of Istan. Skale Fins are considered a delicacy by the Istani, and are prized by chefs for this reason.


Drop and salvage research is ongoing, and can be found here.


Issnur Isles[edit]

Leave Beknur Harbor and head west into the shallow waters.

Zehlon Reach[edit]

Leave The Astralarium into Zehlon Reach. Head west through two groups of insects. After you are through the insects the northeast part of Zehlon Reach is mostly Skale.


Chef Panjoh[edit]

Location: The Astralarium
Collecting: 2 Skale Fins

Item Description Value
Bowl of Skalefin Soup.png Bowl of Skalefin Soup Double-click for a +1 Health regeneration bonus. This item cannot be used in PvP. 0Gold