The Astralarium

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The Astralarium
The Astralarium.jpg
Campaign Nightfall
Region Istan
Type Outpost
Party size 4
Exit(s) Plains of Jarin
Zehlon Reach
Champion's Dawn world map.jpg
On the world map
The Astralarium inside.jpg
A view inside
"Observatory" concept art.jpg
Concept art by Matthew Barrett.

The Astralarium, sitting high atop the bluffs of northern Istan, is home to the astronomically oriented Order of the Sky. This open-air laboratory, with its multiple solar reflectors and pedestal-mounted astrolabes, is the center of astrological and astronomical study in Elona. Scholars from all three provinces flock to the Zehlon Reach to study under the stars at the Astralarium and try to divine the meaning of ancient, dark prophecies.

— in-game description

The Astralarium is the home of many scholars and astronomers who study the stars and constellations. It is said that the learned people here come from all parts of Elona.

Getting there[edit]

The Astralarium is located at the northwestern corner of the Plains of Jarin. The primary quest, the Honorable General, will lead characters here, although only after the Jokanur Diggings mission.

Many other early secondary quests will either lead near this outpost or through this outpost, such as To Dye For, Student Jin, Student Sousuke, and A Hidden Threat.


Quests available[edit]

(these quests are only available to Nightfall characters)




(all level 6)

Other allies[edit]


  • Complete exploration of this outpost contributes approximately 0.2% to the Elonian Cartographer title.


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