Sky Scholar

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Sky Scholar
Istani noble f.jpg
Affiliation Istani
Type Human
Level(s) 10
Campaign Nightfall

The Sky Scholars are students at The Astralarium who study the heavens for signs and portents.



After the Chahbek Village mission:

"A shadow has fallen across the constellations of Kourna and Vabbi."
"I foresaw which secondary profession you would choose. But in the end, we each make our own destiny."
"Leave me.... It is all too troubling... too much to see...."
"Let me see your palms. Ah, yes. I thought I saw the mark of the dwarf star upon you. Can you see it? Blood red..."
"You have grown in power, <Character name>. I saw your star rising."

After the Jokanur Diggings mission:

"Ahh, the Apocrypha. An old legend. It is said to have fallen from the sky; a gift from the stars."
"Be cautious in those ruins. There is a great darkness there."
"I read a tale about the strange powers of the Apocrypha. But the book only exists in the great Vabbi library...."
"The Apocrypha? No, I've never heard of it. What is it?"
"Young Sunspears... so fortune-touched. You will change the world."

After the Blacktide Den mission:

"A star falls between Kourna and Elona. Varesh's shadow covers the moon. A darkness grows across the land; one that will not easily be turned aside."
"I sense a disturbance in the skies. A presence I have not felt since..."
"I warned Kormir, but she won't listen. I fear for her. Can you watch over her and keep her safe?"
"Perhaps you misinterpreted. Nightfall is a myth. The stars only tell the truth. They would not speak of such a thing."
"Vabbi and Istan are tied together across that band of stars. But what is the connection?"

After the Consulate Docks mission:

"I will draw the mark of the evil eye on your shield, to drive away the darkness."
"It was never Kormir's fault. Oh, I warned you! Why didn't you listen?"
"Swords will not get you out of this, hero. Only courage."
"The Elders are wrong to blame Kormir, but they do not listen to the mystics. They do not read the stars."
"The stars are conflicted. Many pressures move against one another. I see an ancient power on the rise, despair, darkness. Has Palawa Joko awakened? I cannot say."

After the Grand Court of Sebelkeh mission:

"A star burned and died tonight in a red, glowing cloud, like the sulfurous gases of the Desolation."
"Do not go to the Desolation, <Character name>. You will find nothing there except sorrow."
"Once the Desolation was a fruitful place; a valley of verdant growth and splendor."
"The Crystal Desert will become a Crystal Sea... when the stars align and the darkness lifts."

After the Gate of Pain mission:

"Do you believe you are a hero? Then a hero" [sic]
"I've known Nightfall was coming all along. We can do nothing but prepare to die."
"Kourna, Istan, Vabbi.... Nightfall makes no distinction. Like the Crystal Desert...everything dies."
"Only a hero can stop Nightfall. I pray Elona finds one before it is too late."
"Vabbi is our only hope. Three stars, tied together, pulled beneath the ground...."

After the Abaddon's Gate mission:

"Ahai, hero! I knew you would return. But it is still good to see you again!"
"Ahai, Sunspear. Are you ready for your next challenge? I see a bright future for us all now that Nightfall is past."
"Did you find everything you needed in Vabbi? I can only believe so, for the stars are once more in harmony."
"I saw your star blaze throughout the heavens, driving out the darkness."
"We celebrated your victory when the sun rose again on the horizon. I knew it was you who saved us. It had to be."


  • "I sense a disturbance in the skies. A presence I have not felt since..." is similar to "I sense a disturbance in the force. A presence I have not felt since...." spoken by Darth Vader in Star Wars.