Student Sousuke

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Student Sousuke
Section Istan Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Field General Hayao
in Plains of Jarin or Sun Docks
Preceded by Zaishen Elite
Type Secondary quest
Student Jin Sousuke map.jpg
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This quest will allow Acolyte Sousuke to join your party as a hero. This quest and Student Jin are mutually exclusive, so once this quest is completed, you won't be able to gain Acolyte Jin as a hero until after the completion of the Nightfall campaign.

Quest information[edit]





Follow the quest marker to the location in Zehlon Reach (west of Astralarium). At the marker you will find Acolyte Sousuke near Balthazar's Eternal and two Ghostly Griffons. Defeat them to complete the quest.







Initial dialogue[edit]

Field General Hayao

"The Zaishen are sworn blades of Balthazar, loyal to the end. You have selected Sousuke as your student. It is time to show your pupil the meaning of strength. Together you must defeat one of Balthazar's Eternals in combat. Only through victory in the face of adversity will you be forever bonded with your brethren in arms. You will find the Eternal in Zehlon Reach."
Yes Accept: "It's now or never."
No Decline: "It's never. Or at least not now."
Ask Ask: "Acolyte Sousuke is in The [sic] Zehlon Reach. He will call forth the Eternal once you arrive."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

At the start of the battle

Acolyte Sousuke
"Let's see how infinite these Eternals are when they meet my spells head on."

After defeating Balthazar's Eternal and the Ghostly Griffons.

Acolyte Sousuke
"Ha! I barely broke a sweat. You and I make a good team, yes?"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Field General Hayao
"As his trainer, I think it best you knew something about your pupil. Sousuke is driven by a relentless curiosity and always offering advice, commentary, and wisecracks, but do not let that deceive you. His unique attitude and boundless curiosity are rare in a Zaishen, but he backs it up with a flamboyant, explosive fighting style. Good luck, hero. Go with the blessing of Balthazar."