Zaishen Elite (quest)

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Zaishen Elite
Section Istan Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Field General Hayao
in Sun Docks
Preceded by Bad Tide Rising
(Elonian characters only)
Followed by Student Jin or
Student Sousuke
Type Secondary quest
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Quest information[edit]




Exit from Kamadan into the Plains of Jarin and follow the quest marker west until you find Field General Hayao. After the intermediate dialogue, fight Acolyte Sousuke and Acolyte Jin. After Sousuke and Jin have been defeated talk to Field General Hayao for your reward.


Humans (Zaishen Order)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Field General Hayao

"With the darkness upon us, the Zaishen and the Sunspears must ally with each other. We cannot sacrifice our numbers and still hold Nightfall at bay in Cantha and Tyria. As a sign of our solidarity in this war and our trust in you, I offer you the opportunity to train one of my most powerful and promising acolytes. Your success shows you are a natural leader. Consider this a great honor.
The way of the Zaishen is forged in combat by blood and steel. We will test you the Zaishen way. When you are ready, meet us on the Plains of Jarin."
Yes Accept: "It would be an honor."
No Decline: "I'm not ready yet."
Ask Ask: "Meet the Zaishen in Plains of Jarin."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Field General Hayao: "Show these Zaishen your skill, Sunspear!"
Acolyte Sousuke: "It will be an honor!"
Acolyte Jin: "Aim true, Sunspear!"
Acolyte Sousuke: "My training is still lacking. I will strive to hone my skills."
Acolyte Jin: "Your skill is mighty, Sunspear. Thank you. I still have much to learn."
Field General Hayao: "Excellent display! Remember well what you have learned today, acolytes. I will see you back in Kamadan, <character name>."


For more information, see Zaishen Elite (cinematic)
Acolyte Sousuke: "Jin! Acolyte Jin!"
Acolyte Jin: "What is it, Sousuke?"
Acolyte Sousuke: "What do you think?"
Acolyte Jin: "Of what?"
Acolyte Sousuke: "That Sunspear leader, of course!"
Acolyte Jin: "Nice moves. Has potential."
Acolyte Sousuke: "That's it?"
Acolyte Jin: "That's enough."
Acolyte Sousuke: "Something is going on here in Elona. I can feel it in my bones. This Sunspear is going to be a big part of it."
Acolyte Jin: "If you say so. I'm just looking for someone to learn from. It is the Zaishen way."
Acolyte Sousuke: "There is nothing about the Zaishen way that says we can't be enthusiastic about what we do."
Acolyte Jin: "OK."
Acolyte Sousuke: "Field General Hayao will allow this Sunspear to train one of us. I hope I am chosen."
Acolyte Jin: "I hope so, too"
Acolyte Sousuke: "Thank you."
Acolyte Jin: "Then I won't have to listen to you jabbering on."
Acolyte Sousuke: "What did you just say?"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Field General Hayao

"Well done. Now that you have seen both Sousuke and Jin in battle, you may choose a pupil to train in your image. Speak with me again and I will arrange the final trial."