Signs and Portents

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Signs and Portents
Section Primary Quests
Campaign Nightfall

(Elonian only)

Given by Emissary Dajmir
in The Astralarium
Required hero Koss
Preceded by The Honorable General
Followed by Jokanur Diggings
Type Primary quest
Signs and Portents map.jpg
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Investigate what this character "Melonni" is doing and what this "Nightfall" thing is about.

Quest information[edit]





Head out from The Astralarium into Zehlon Reach with at least Koss in your party. Get the nearby insect hunt bounty and head west and south a bit until you reach Melonni. A cutscene occurs when you talk to her, followed by another walk to just outside Jokanur Diggings and another cutscene.




Initial dialogue[edit]

Emissary Dajmir
"Thank you for helping Kourna. One of Warmarshal Varesh's generals, Kahyet, has asked me to speak with the Order of the Sky regarding a celestial event she calls Nightfall. General Morgahn whom you've met, doesn't seem to like the idea. But more importantly, someone ELSE has been asking the Order about Nightfall. You'd be doing me and the generals a great favor if you'd investigate this. Meet me in Zehlon Reach and I shall tell you more. And you better bring your friend Koss with you; the plants in this area have been especially aggressive lately."
Yes Accept: "I'd like to find out more myself. I will see you there."
No Decline: "I gotta see a guy about a thing..."
Ask Ask: "I need help with my observations in the Zehlon Reach. I have a feeling something big is happening...."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Emissary Dajmir
"Great, you brought Koss with you. The "someone else" asking about Nightfall is a young Kournan rabble rouser named Melonni. I didn't want to mention her name before because General Kahyet has agents everywhere. She's a bright, dedicated young woman, but I think she's involved in something else more powerful than she realizes. Koss knows her. Locate her, and find out why she's asking about Nightfall."

On encountering Melonni:

Melonni: "Hey! Over here! Kormir sent me. It's urgent!"
Koss: "Melonni! It's always a pleasure to see that scythe, darlin'."
Melonni: "Don't start, Koss! This is serious. Varesh Ossa's generals are asking question[sic] about Nightfall. Kormir has found something connected with it. I will take you to her."

"Oh, thank the gods I found you! Something terrible has happened! You need to follow me now! Kormir is waiting."

Yes "Just a moment, Melonni. I need a word with Koss." (Cinematic 1 plays)

Meeting Kormir:

Melonni: "Kormir! I brought them as fast as I could."
Kormir: "Thank the gods! Take a look at this and tell me what you think of it."
Inscribed Wall

The wall is glowing, as if infused with knowledge. It makes your head hurt. It's like looking into a nightmare.

Yes Take a closer look.
Are you ready to examine it closer?
Yes We are ready. (Cinematic 2 plays, then sent to Jokanur Diggings (outpost))
No We are not ready yet.

Reward dialogue[edit]

Digmaster Gatah
"That digger you found was the last one to die! They're all dead! The entire excavation team! Cut down in their prime, covered with these strange runes! Kormir promised us protection, but no one was prepared for this! Then ANOTHER group of diggers stormed through here, heavily-armed. I'd never seen before, but they seemed to know where they were going."
"You have to go after them. Kormir is waiting for you. Take this. You'll need it!"


  • If you map travel at any point during this quest, you will have to start it from the beginning when you leave that outpost.
Anomaly Anomaly.This quests removes the spawn of a Sunspear Scout at the resurrection shrine near where you first meet Melonni.


  • This quest shares its name with an episode and the first season of the show Babylon 5.