General Kahyet

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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars Nightfall.

General Kahyet
General Kahyet.png
Affiliation Kournan military
Type Human (boss)
Profession Dervish Dervish
Level(s) 18 (24)
Campaign Nightfall
Blacktide Den map.jpg
Location in Blacktide Den.
"Demon General Kahyet" concept art.jpg
Concept art by Matthew Barrett.

In recent years, Varesh has spent more time with Kahyet than her other generals. For decades, General Kahyet has served faithfully as the Dervish mentor of Varesh. At seventy years old, she has endless stories of the history of early Elona. Although she is still an effective commander, her health is failing. Many Kournans take comfort in knowing that Kahyet’s insights and wisdom might live on in their warmarshal.

Kahyet has served as a teacher and guardian to Varesh Ossa for years, assisting her in her studies of the principles of Ascension, Dervish philosophy, the Elonian gods, the history of Turai Ossa, and more esoteric lore. When she learned that Varesh was following the same spiritual path as her ancestor, Kahyet guided her on the path, inspiring her with secrets that only a few truly understand. Kahyet’s time may be running out, but she knows that an era of greatness is at hand.

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  • Due to a cinematic, Signet of Capture can only be used on her if she is defeated before the others in her group during the Blacktide Den mission.