The Honorable General

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The Honorable General
Section Primary Quests
Campaign Nightfall

(Elonian only)

Given by Digmaster Gatah
in Jokanur Diggings
Preceded by Leaving a Legacy
Followed by Signs and Portents
Type Primary quest
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General Morgahn has requested a demonstration of the combat prowess of Sunspears.

Quest information[edit]





You will need to first acquire the necessary Sunspear rank. If you haven't already, talk to Runduk in the Sunspear Great Hall for two quests with similar aims of gaining Sunspear points.

After that, look for General Morgahn and talk to him to begin the "fight". Your party will face off against five similarly-named (but different professions) Kournan Guards in a manner similar to a PvP fight. The kill count and the timer will appear on screen when the fight starts. Defeating them requires a good coordination among your party members (or good hero management) to both attacking their monks and protecting yourselves from the warriors. You win when all the Kournans are dead or if you scored better when the timer ends. If you lose, just leave the area and come back in to try again.

When the timer ends, it appears that even if you draw with the Kournans, you will still be considered to have "won". As such, it is possible to complete this quest by simply not aggroing the Kournans when the timer starts, and then waiting for the timer to end.


The easiest ways to get to First Spear is questing and farming Sunspear points.

  • A farming method is to exit the Diggings into the First City (Explorable area). The Sunspear Scout provides you with a Skale Hunt, and there is a large group of low-level skales (level 2) near the entrance to the First City proper, although the level 14 and 15 skales guarding it might be difficult for low-level characters.
  • A second option is to enter the Plains of Jarin from Champions Dawn, accept the Plant Hunt from the Sunspear Scout, and kill the large group of level 1 and 2 Fanged Ibogas and Stormseed Jacarandas.





Humans (hostile while the timer is counting down)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Digmaster Gatah
Here are the orders from Kormir! General Morgahn of Kourna has arranged some kind of war games, and Elder Suhl wants to show off the prowess of the Sunspears. You've been chosen to represent the Sunspears and Istan. Once you reach the rank of First Spear or [Level 12], find General Morgahn, who will be waiting in the Zehlon Reach with soldiers for you to "fight" against. Kormir asks you to take it easy on them. It's only a demonstration, after all.
Yes Accept: "Sounds like fun!"
No Decline: "I don't want to embarrass myself."
Ask Ask: "General Morgahn is waiting in the Zehlon Reach."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Varesh Ossa: Ah, General Morgahn, the Sunspears have arrived. They don't look like much.
General Morgahn: I will evaluate their skills, Warmarshal Varesh, and report back to you.
Varesh Ossa: Hmmm. I will be surprised if they prove challenging to our soldiers. Rejoin me in Kamadan when you are finished, Morgahn.
General Morgahn
Ahai, Sunspear! Your superiors could not stop talking about your valor defending Chahbek against the corsairs. My superior and ruler of Kourna, Warmarshal Varesh Ossa, is most curious and wishes me to report on your capabilities.
I have heard that you are a highly trained Sunspear leader. I look forward to watching you trade blows with my finest. Rest assured you will be compensated for your time and trouble. When you are ready to begin the demonstration, let me know.
Yes We are ready. (starts fight)
No We are not ready yet.
General Morgahn
What a demonstration! Kormir has trained you well. Indeed, my men would do well to take the lessons you have taught them to heart. I would hate to cross you on the field of battle, Sunspear. As for your compensation, please speak with Emissary Dajmir.

Reward dialogue[edit]

Emissary Dajmir
General Morgahn holds honor, loyalty, and devotion to the Five Gods above all else. He also rewards such service. I must get back to my studies. In fact, I could use some help if you have the time. I'm sure General Morgahn would appreciate your continued assistance to the Kournan delegation.


  • You do not have to meet the requirement to trigger the NPCs' spawning in the area and the dialogue starting, but if you have not met the requirements you will not be able to fight the Kournan Guards.
  • Related quest Rising in the Ranks: First Spear
  • Varesh Ossa walks into The Astralarium after completing her conversation with General Morghann.