A Stolen Spore

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A Stolen Spore
Section Istan Quests
Campaign Nightfall

(Elonian only)

Given by Scholar Chago
in The Astralarium
Preceded by A Delayed Delivery
Followed by A Mysterious Missive
Type Secondary quest
A Stolen Spore map.png
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Scholar Chago cannot continue his research without the spores - retrieve them from the theiving children.

Quest information[edit]



  • Travel to Zehlon Reach.
  • Catch the three children and retrieve the stolen spores.
  • See Scholar Chago for your reward.



Enter Zehlon Reach by way of the Astralarium. As you approach the group of three children, they'll begin to discuss the spores they stole from Scholar Chago. They'll notice you and start running - Nehduvad in one direction, and Adina and Paldinam in the opposite direction.

It's easy to get close to the children while they are standing and talking; simply get inside their little circle, and then talk to them very quickly once Nehduvad shouts to run away. It is possible to catch all 3 of them before they get past the first group of insects.

If that fails, then it's best to use a speed boosting skill to try and catch the children before they wander off. If the children slip away from you, don't worry. They meet up near the exit to the Cliffs of Dohjok to the south. The children will run through mobs of insects, corsairs, skale, and plants. Travel southwest and take out the groups one by one, grabbing bounties along the way.

If you reach the exit to the Cliffs of Dohjok before the children do, simply wait for them to show up. Use your speed boosting skill of choice to run up to them and get the spore. Once you've spoken with all three children, return to the Astralarium and see Scholar Chago to get your reward.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Scholar Chago
"While you were gone, three of the village children snuck up on me and stole some of the spores off one of my work tables! They mean it to be a joke, but they don't realize what they've taken. Who knows what could happen if they do anything dangerous with one of those spores! Please, go to Zehlon Reach and get the spores back from the children before one of them gets hurt!"
Yes Accept: "You got it!"
No Decline: "Eh, talk to their parents. Those kids need a spanking."
Ask Ask: "Quick, to Zehlon Reach before it's too late!"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Adina: "These things are cool! Look at how sticky they are!"
Padinam: "They're all wrinkled! Ewwwww!"
Nehduvad: "It's that strange traveler! Run awaaaaay!!"

On catching Adina: Adina: "Aww, you caught me. What? Oh, you want this sticky ball? Okay."

On catching Paldinam: Paldinam: "No fair! Youuuu cheated! You want this little round thing? Well, all right. I was bored with it anyway."

On catching Nehduvad: Nehduvad: "You caught me, you meanie! What, this shiny rock? All right, I'll give it back if I have to. Just don't tell the others you caught me!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Scholar Chago
"Ah, excellent. Excellent! I knew I could count on you. None of the children were hurt, I trust?"