A Delayed Delivery

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A Delayed Delivery
Section Istan Quests
Campaign Nightfall

(Elonian only)

Given by Scholar Chago
in The Astralarium
Preceded by A Troubling Theory
Followed by A Stolen Spore
Type Secondary quest
A Delayed Delivery map.png
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Pick up a sack of grain from Farmer Foneng for Scholar Chago.

Quest information[edit]





Map to Kodlonu Hamlet. Travel into Issnur Isles and head west towards the small gathering of people. As you approach Farmer Foneng, a small group of corsairs will spawn. Take out the group of corsairs, and speak with Farmer Foneng afterward to receive the sack of grain.

Travel back to the Astralarium to receive your reward from Scholar Chago.






Initial dialogue[edit]

Scholar Chago
"Now that I have these spores, I'm almost ready to perform my experiment. I've run into a small problem, though. I ordered a sack of grain from a friend of mine, Foneng, who lives on the Issnur Isles. He said it'd be here yesterday, but I still haven't heard from him. Could you visit him and pick it up for me?"
Yes Accept: "I'm happy to help for such a noble cause."
No Decline: "I'm not an errand boy."
Ask Ask: "Please go to Issnur Isles and retrieve a sack of grain from Farmer Foneng for me."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Farmer Foneng: "You there! Help me! These corsairs won't take no for an answer!"
Farmer Foneng
"Whew, that was close! Those corsairs were very angry! I can only imagine what might have happeneed if you hadn't been here. Oh, Chago sent you? That's right! I nearly forgot, I was supposed to deliver him a sack of grain yesterday. Well, since you're already here, I'll give it to you. This should be enough for his needs. Don't worry about payment, I owe you my life."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Scholar Chago
"Ah, the grain! I'm afraid something has happened while you were gone, though..."