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Affiliation Order of the Sunspears
Type Human
Profession Monk Monk
Service Henchman
Level(s) 3...20
Campaign Nightfall

Kihm is a henchman found in the towns and outposts of Guild Wars Nightfall.

She is labeled a Monk Henchman.



Kihm specializes in Healing Prayers while on Istan, and in Protection Prayers once off the island.


Lvl 3-15
Lvl 17-20

(Level 20) 12 Divine Favor, 6 Healing Prayers, 12 Protection Prayers



  • Can remove hexes (Istan only).
  • Protective Spirit is effective against nukers (Consulate Docks onward).
  • Can remove conditions (in the Elona Mainland and Realm of Torment).
  • Zealous Benediction provides considerable healing (in the Elona Mainland and Realm of Torment).
  • Aegis is effective against attackers (in the Elona Mainland and Realm of Torment).
  • Has a reusable resurrection skill.


  • No condition removal in Istan.
  • Cannot remove hexes (except in Istan).
  • Will use Zealous Benediction without heeding the condition for energy management (in the Elona Mainland and Realm of Torment).
  • No energy management other than Zealous Benediction.
  • Renew Life is a touch skill.
  • Never has more than 6 skills equipped.


Towns and outposts:

"You think you have it rough? You've got it easy. Try being a girl in this rough and tumble world. Koss may have taught me to fight, but I taught myself to win!"


"Hey, are they staring at us? What's the matter with you? Your eyes stuck? You wanna fight? I got something for you! Come on! Let's beat the smirks off their faces!"
"Hey, everybody's got problems. Some can be healed, but others fester until something falls off or somebody goes psycho. Don't let that happen, 'kay?"
"I come from a long line of skillet-throwing women. I'm not afraid of anybody; are you? Now let's go toss some iron around and see who gets hit." (also used in the Desolation)
"I'm right behind you. No, don't turn around. The battle is in front of you. Let me worry about your backside."
"Look, I'm a healer. You fight and I'll keep you standing. So stop looking to see if you're hurt and get back out there!"

Battle quotes[edit]

"Come over here and try that again!"
"Don't look at me like that. You're not my mother."
"Don't think about your wound. That's my job! Think about your enemy!"
"Get that guy over there! You know we can take him!"
"Just keep fighting! You'll be fine. Trust me!"
"Just slap a bandage on that. You'll be fine."
"Let me at them! I'll give them something to heal!"
"Let's bust out and crack some heads!"
"Nobody busts up my friends and leaves them bleeding."
"Oh, no, you didn't!"
"Their healer's a sissy! You hear me? SISSY!"
"Watch your backside, or you'll get spanked!"
"What do you think this is? Playtime?
"You wanna fight or dance? Make up your mind!"


  • When in hard mode in Istan, Kihm uses the skillset that she has in Istan in normal mode (with the added Elite Skill).


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