Camp Hojanu

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Camp Hojanu
Camp Hojanu.jpg
Campaign Nightfall
Region Kourna
Type Outpost
Party size 8
Exit(s) Barbarous Shore
Dejarin Estate
Camp Hojanu world map.jpg
On the world map
Camp Hojanu inside.jpg
A view inside

A wilderness camp of smugglers who trade with the corsairs, the camp may be rustic but is also heavily armed. Travelers are encouraged not to sneak up on the smugglers, lest their surprise visit be greeted with a surprised slaying by a nervous smuggler.

— in-game description

Camp Hojanu lies near the eastern borders of the nation of Kourna. It is a lawless place used by smugglers and corsairs for trade and rest. It is the easternmost outpost of Kourna.

Getting there[edit]

No primary quest leads here, so this outpost is entirely optional. It can be reached by traveling to the southeastern corner of the Dejarin Estate explorable area.

Alternatively, the Foolhardy Father and A Fool's Luck are secondary quests that lead through this outpost. Use either to point the way.





(all level 20)
Merchants and traders[edit]
Other services[edit]

Other allies[edit]

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