Kournan Noble

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Kournan Noble
Kournan Noble m.jpgKournan Noble f.jpg
Affiliation Kournans
Type Human
Level(s) 10
Campaign Nightfall

Kournan Nobles give the player an insight into the Kournan elite culture.



Before completion of the Kodonur Crossroads mission:

"All Kournans are allowed to speak their mind ...so long as we all come to the same conclusions."
"Get back to work."
"Kourna succeeds because of Warmarshal Varesh."
"Ruling is a birthright. If the peasants had been born of noble blood, they would rule."
"Warmarshal Varesh is a great leader."

After completion of the Kodonur Crossroads mission:

"More troops means more food, so naturally the quotas are higher and the punishments harsher."
"Rumor says that Varesh is preparing a suprise for Istan."
"Thank Varesh the Sunspears have been nearly wiped out."
"The western villagers are rebellious. The army should be dispatched to keep them in line."
"This recent Centaur uprising will certainly be their last. The Warmarshal will destroy them."

After completion of the Moddok Crevice mission:

"General Morgahn will avenge his fallen comrade. You shall see."
"The loss of General Bayel saddens us all. The Sunspears shall pay for this wicked act."
"The Sunspear cowards fled, but they won't get far. Morgahn and Varesh will hunt them down."
"Troops have been sent to Vabbi to protect our people here in Kourna."
"We haven't invaded Istan because there's no need. They are shattered."

After completion of the Grand Court of Sebelkeh mission:

"Demons! War! Peasants allowed to speak their minds! The world is a terrible nightmare."
"Warmarshal Varesh has gone into the Desolation. My prayers go with her."
"With Istan and Vabbi both in turmoil, only Kourna stands as a bastion of civilization."
"With Varesh gone, I'll finally have a chance to really rule...if it weren't for those blasted demons."
"Wretched refugees. Get out of my way."

After completion of the Ruins of Morah mission:

"End of the world bargains! Everything must go."
"I must say, at least business is good."
"I won't let those Sunspears get the best of me...or of Kourna!"
"Varesh controlled these demons. If the rumors are true, and she is truly dead, then we're all doomed."
"Where is Varesh? Surely you don't believe those awful rumors..."

After completion of the Abaddon's Gate mission:

"Don't you think I would make a wonderful Warmarshal?"
"I can't talk now. The caravan is leaving. I have to get out of Kourna before the Istani invade."
"I cannot feed my family. The supplies were all eaten by the troops or destroyed. What will we do?"
"Istani troops are on the borders, hungry for war."
"Varesh will return. You shall see."