The Foolhardy Father

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The Foolhardy Father
Section Kourna Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Dunkoro
in Command Post
Preceded by The Great Escape
Followed by The Dejarin Estate
Type Secondary quest
The Foolhardy Father map.jpg
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Zudash Dejarin is blackmailing the Sunspears. Deal with his problem and earn his silence.

Quest information[edit]


  • Meet with Zudash
  • Settle Zudash's debt with the corsairs.
  • Defeat Sevad's Boys.
  • See Zudash Dejarin for your reward.



First talk to Zudash Dejarin in Yohlon Haven. Then make the long trek across the Arkjok Ward through Pogahn Passage across the Dejarin Estate to Camp Hojanu and then finally to the Barbarous Shore. Find Ruthless Sevad with a group of corsairs in the Barbarous Shore. After talking to him, the corsairs will become hostile. Defeat them, and return to Zudash to collect your reward.


Initial dialogue[edit]


"Not everyone is happy with us being here. In fact, most fear reprisal from Varesh and the Kournan military. Zudash Dejarin, who apparently knows Koss, is currently in Yohlon Haven and is blackmailing us now. Seems he owes some corsairs quite a bit of gold. He wants us to pay his debt or he'll rat us out to the Kournans. Koss means well, but some of the folks he associates with cause more problems than they're worth. What do you say we get this over with and wipe this Zudash fellow's debt clean?"
Yes Accept: "Let's do it."
No Decline: "Let Koss clean this up himself."
Ask Ask: "What are you waiting around for? Head to the Barbarous Shore immediately and find Ruthless Sevad."

Intermediate dialogue 1[edit]

Zudash Dejarin

"You're a Sunspear, and I can't say I like you. My no-good son ran off to join your little group. But I need your help and I am afraid your secret is the only thing I have to leverage.
I bargained with corsairs to gain safe passage out of Kourna for my daughter, Ailonseh. I fenced some family heirlooms, but while I waited for the money, my contact and my gold were captured by the Kournans. I need you to settle my debt with the corsairs. They will harass me, and I fear that my daughter's very life may be in danger unless the money is paid.
Seek out Ruthless Sevad in the Barbarous Shore and take care of this problem for me. Do that and your secret will be safe."

Intermediate dialogue 2[edit]

(only if Koss is in the party)
Koss: "What is Zudash doing, trusting corsairs? I mean, I work with corsairs... but I know better."
(only if Dunkoro is in the party)
Dunkoro: "I hope you have a plan."
(only if Margrid is in the party)
Margrid the Sly: "Careful. I know Sevad. He wouldn't have muscle with him unless he was expecting a fight."

Ruthless Sevad

"I would ask for the money, but I see that Zudash has hired sellswords to do his talking for him. I can appreciate that. Defeat my boys here and I'll call it square with Zudash. As far as his little princess is concerned, however, let's just say that ship has already set sail..."

Intermediate dialogue 3[edit]

Ruthless Sevad "Okay! Enough bloodshed. Tell Zudash his debt is settled. Now leave me be."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Zudash Dejarin

"You settled the debt with Sevad? Good. I'm sorry I had to hold that over your head, but you must understand I will do anything for my daughter. She's all I have left. I only pray she's safe, now that I see how untrustworthy and brutal those corsairs are."