Wandering Priest

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Wandering Priest
Wandering Priest m.jpgWandering Priest f.jpg
Affiliation Kournans
Type Human
Profession Monk Monk
Level(s) 10
Campaign Nightfall

Wandering Priests can be found all over Kourna. These men and women stay true to the old gods and tend their resurrection shrines. They offer various bounties which awards the character with Sunspear points.



When the player is of too high level in the Sunspear rank to receive a bounty:

  • Corsair Bounty - "The people of Kourna do not trust easily, Sunspear. But if anyone can change their hearts, it will be you."
  • Heket Hunt - "Ahai, noble Sunspear. Though I have heard tales of treachery and betrayal about your Order, I have also heard your name spoken with honor."
  • Insect Hunt - "Your name is growing beyond your stature, hero. I thought you would be fifteen feet tall!"
  • Kournan Bounty - "Nobility and wealth will leave you. Honor will live long after you journey into Grenth's realm."
  • Mandragor Hunt - "You are known as a leader among your people. Now you must show the people of Kourna the good within your Order."
  • Monster Hunt - "Kourna once looked up to the Sunspears, but now many fear their true purpose. A hero like you must work hard to change those opinions."
  • Plant Hunt - "It is good to see someone of your stature taking an interest in our local problems."
  • Skale Hunt - "May Balthazar guide me to become as brave and strong as you, hero."

NPCs that give Sunspear bounties
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