Corsair Bounty

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Corsair Bounty
Corsair Bounty.jpg
Species Corsair
Istan 1 (4/100)
Kourna 4 (4/100)
Vabbi 7 (8/200)


Normal mode[edit]

Corsair Bounty.jpg

Blessing. You gain double XP from Corsair and earn 1..7 Sunspear promotion points for each Corsair you slay.

Hard mode[edit]

Corsair Bounty.jpg

Blessing. You earn 4..8 Sunspear promotion points for each Corsair you slay. When you slay a Corsair boss, you gain 4..8 additional Sunspear promotion points (maximum 100..200) for each Corsair slain while under the effects of this bounty.


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