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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Nightfall promotion blessings. For the Factions or Eye of the North blessings, see Bounty-like blessing. For the Zaishen Challenge Quest, see Zaishen Bounty.

Bounties are blessings that you can get in Guild Wars Nightfall from certain NPCs found at most resurrection shrines in the campaign. They supply you with double experience (in normal mode) and a certain amount of title points (for Sunspear/Lightbringer titles) per kill of a special type of creature in the area.

Note: You only get title points for the first time you kill each enemy. If an enemy you already killed becomes resurrected, you will not gain title points for killing it again. However, you still gain title points even if the enemies do not give you experience (you must still be under the rank cap, see below).

The amount of Sunspear Points you gain per kill is different. The further you are in the game, the more Sunspear Points you get (it maxes at 7 points per kill in normal mode and 8 points per kill in hard mode).

Sunspear bounties[edit]

Sunspear bounties contribute to Sunspear rank.

Bounty points[edit]

Region Offered by Normal mode Hard Mode
Points Rank cap1 Points Boss bonus cap2
Istan Sunspear Scouts 13 Sunspear Commander (6) 4 100
Kourna Wandering Priests 4 Sunspear Castellan (8) 4 100
Vabbi Sunspear Scouts
Vabbian Scouts
7 Sunspear Castellan (8) 8 200
The Desolation Ghostly Scouts 7 Sunspear Castellan (8) 8 200
  1. In normal mode, bounties in that region are no longer available once your character achieves the listed rank.
  2. The maximum bonus points your character will receive from killing bosses.
  3. 4 points during A Land of Heroes.

Bounty by type[edit]

Bounty Type
Corsair Bounty Army: Corsairs
Giant Hunt Family: Giants
Heket Hunt Family: Heket
Insect Hunt Family: Insects and Family: Arachnids
Kournan Bounty Army: Kournan military
Mandragor Hunt Family: Mandragors
Minotaur Hunt Family: Minotaurs
Monster Hunt Family: Great beasts and Family: Behemoths
Plant Hunt Family: Plants
Skale Hunt Family: Skales
Skree Battle Family: Harpies
Undead Hunt Army: Undead

Lightbringer bounties[edit]

Lightbringer bounties contribute to Lightbringer rank.

Bounty points[edit]

Region Offered by Points
Normal   Hard   Boss bonus cap1
Kourna Whispers Informants 1 4 100
Vabbi Whispers Informants 2 6 150
The Desolation Ghostly Priests 2 6 150
Realm of Torment Forgotten Wardens 2 6 150
Domain of Anguish Whispers Informants 2 8 -
1 The maximum bonus points your character will receive from killing bosses.

Bounty by type[edit]

Bounty Type
Anguish Hunt Army: Domain of Anguish creatures
Demon Hunt Family: Demons
Dhuum Battle Family: Dryders
Elemental Hunt Family: Elementals
Margonite Battle Army: Margonites
Menzies Battle Family: Shadow Army
Monolith Hunt Family: Graven Monoliths
Monster Hunt Army: Torment creatures
Titan Hunt Army: Nightfall / Realm of Torment Titans


  • In certain areas of the Nightfall campaign, the bounties are only available to Nightfall characters.
  • The status icon for all bounties has a word written on it in some sort of runic language, which is not visible when viewed in-game. Its meaning and significance are unknown.
Anomaly Anomaly.Lightbringer Bounty is not available after having achieved Lightbringer rank 1 until you talk to the Seeker of Whispers in Chantry of Secrets. The bounty NPCs will only tell you to go to the Seeker of Whispers and not give the bounty option.

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