Zaishen Bounty

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Zaishen Challenge Quest. For the Nightfall promotion blessings, see Bounty. For the Eye of the North reputation blessings, see Bounty-like blessing.
Zaishen Bounty
Zaishen Bounty.png
Affiliation Zaishen Order
Type Signpost
Service Quest giver
Level(s) 24
Campaign Core

The Zaishen Bounty signpost is an NPC that offers a different daily Zaishen Challenge Quest for gold, title points, experience, and Copper Zaishen Coins. You can get the quest rewards from Zehnchu at the Great Temple of Balthazar or Embark Beach.



The available quest changes daily, based on a recurring cycle. For a quick overview of which quests will be available in the next days, see Zaishen Challenge Quests. For all available quests, see the category listing and for information about the current or previous cycles, see the cycles subpage.


PvE characters[edit]

"This is the signpost where Zaishen Bounty quests are posted."

Alternative with no quests available:

"There are no more quests available here today, but other signs may have more postings from the Zaishen."

Alternative when you already have the maximum number of bounties:

"Zaishen bounties are limited to 3 at one time."

When asked about a quest:

"This despicable villain still stalks the land, preying on the innocent. Heroes who are up to the challenge should seek this fiend out, taking blood as payment for a life of atrocious deeds."

PvP characters[edit]

"The signpost speaks of far off lands which you have no interest in as a PvP Character." [sic]


Bug Bug.A character will lose the opportunity to take a quest the next time it appears in the cycle if after accepting the quest reward and before the next time that quest appears in the cycle that character does not change districts, zone, nor log out and log back in.


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