Embark Beach

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Embark Beach
Xunlai Market.png
Campaign Core
Region The Battle Isles
Type Port
Party size 8
Exit(s) None
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Embark Beach serves as a staging ground for the Zaishen Order. Heroes from the world over gather here to find allies and fight back against the threats facing Tyria.

— in-game description

Embark Beach is an outpost run by the Zaishen Order. Every Cooperative Mission outpost, and Eye of the North town and outpost is accessible from this location if it is already available to the character. The outpost is intended to make it easier for people to form parties with players from outside their guild or alliance.

Getting there[edit]

The method of getting here depends on whether or not your character already has Embark Beach unlocked:

  • Before it is unlocked, you can talk to any Zaishen Scout to get there.
  • Once it is unlocked, use Map travel and click the boat icon on the World Map to select Embark Beach from the list, or talk to any Zaishen Scout (if there is one at your current location).


How you can quickly exit depends on whether or not you have a Port town unlocked:

  • If you have, you can exit via Map travel to select a different unlocked outpost in the Battle Isles, or click the boat icon to select any unlocked Port town.
  • If you have not, you can only speak to the appropriate travel NPC for your Campaign and click a place your character has been before in the dialog choices (usually, one of the first choices).
Campaign NPC Continent Approximate map location
Prophecies Kenai Tyria Bottom of the map, near the big ship.
Factions Shirayuki Cantha Left/middle of map.
Nightfall Zinshao Elona Top/right of map.
Eye of the North Nagi Northern Region Bottom of the map, near the big ship.

Quests available[edit]





Humans (Ebon Vanguard)

  • Ranger 20 Edwin (consumable crafter)

Humans (Zaishen Order)

Tyrian camp

Canthan camp

Elonian camp



Inanimate creatures[edit]


  • Embark Beach is the only outpost in the Battle Isles that is inaccessible to PvP-only characters.
  • This outpost is not accessible to characters on trial accounts.
  • Once your character has a Port town unlocked, it is possible to go to Embark Beach without ever speaking to a Zaishen Scout; just use Map travel to go to the Great Temple of Balthazar, then use it again to go to Embark Beach.
  • If you have a party of 8 formed in a Factions (Cantha) location and wish to do a mission for that number of people in Prophecies (Tyria) it is generally quick to get there via Map travel, rather than using Embark Beach (provided all party members have both Prophecies and EoTN available); the party leader just brings up the World Map to click on the Asura Gate to travel to Boreal Station, then uses Map travel again to travel to the mission outpost.
Anomaly Anomaly.The boat is in the wrong position on the compass and Mission Map.


  • Introduced in the March 3, 2011 update.
  • This outpost is located in the same spot originally planned for the Xunlai Market (an earlier planned feature that was never implemented).[1]
  • Until the March 10, 2011 update, there were two copies of Hesham (rune trader) in the outpost.
    • The second Hesham was renamed into "Mahseh", which is "Hesham" backwards.
  • Corporal Bane and his helicopter appears in Embark Beach during April Fools' Day from 2011 onward.
  • If you look at the position of the people in the Elonian Camp, they make a smiley face.


  1. ^ Comment by John Stumme, Guild Wars Wiki

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