Palora, Sworn to Earth

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Palora, Sworn to Earth
Canthan peasant f lined tunic.jpg
Affiliation Zaishen Order
Type Human
Level(s) 10
Campaign Core

Palora, Sworn to Earth is part of a group on an unknown mission.



"Oh! Sorry, I didn't realize you were speaking to me. I get lost in my thoughts, sometimes. It feels like the more you've got to think about, the easier it is to get lost. It's kind of like being locked in a room filled with boxes, isn't it? You know that there's something that you're looking for, and you know it's there somewhere... but then it's kind of dusty, and disorganized... and it's so easy to get distracted! Because you might find something else interesting, or an old memory, while you were looking for an entirely different thing. It's just so easy to get stuck... sorry, what were we talking about, again?"

Appears in place of the above dialogue during Anniversary Celebrations

"I hear that there's a festival celebrating the birthday of the entire world going on. The world isn't anything without our memories though, wouldn't you say? Journeys, quests, battles long ago... An adventurer like you must have so many wonderful tales of this world!
If you happen to find yourself revisiting your adventures, show me Proof of your favorite memory and I'll share some of my own mementos to you."
Ask I've brought the proof you requested. (If you have a Proof of Legend in inventory)
"How wondrous! Tell me, did you relive a mighty battle? Or perhaps a comfortable journey across distant lands... A daring infiltration into a secret lair... A quest for a fabled blade across the frozen northlands... A moment of courtesy between former enemies... Ah! But don't let me forget, I promised you a reward for sharing this with me. Take this, as a memory of our meeting."
Ask Where can I find such proof?
"Oh, I imagine you could find something by reliving some of your greatest missions across Tyria. The distant Shiverpeaks, the encroaching solitude of Echovald Forest, the biting sands of the Desolation, the primal wilderness of the Maguuma Jungle... These regions surely hold precious memories for those who have adventured across them."
No I'll return with proof of my legendary journey.



  • She began offering a Xunlai Anniversary Storage Voucher or Blessing of War during the Tenth Year Anniversary Celebration.
  • The "locked in a room filled with boxes" might be a reference to the Xunlai headquarters.

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