Ceira, Sworn to Fire

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Ceira, Sworn to Fire
Canthan armorer f.jpg
Affiliation Zaishen Order
Type Human
Level(s) 20
Campaign Core

Ceira, Sworn to Fire is the leader of a group on an unknown mission.



"If you're looking for the leader of our group, then you're talking to the right person. When we received word of what the Zaishen were doing here, we decided to return from our expedition into the lands far west of the Crystal Desert. I guess you could say that I have traveled enough to have a sense of perspective, and I realize the importance of this venture. There are terrible things in this world, my friend - and I don't mean the kind of wrong that one person may do to another. I mean evil in the truest sense, the kind that threatens us all.
People need to stand together, to aid one another in their battles. I can't help the feeling that there are terrible things to come... we need to foster this sense of unity now, so that we can face the future prepared."

Appears in place of the above dialogue during Anniversary Celebrations if your account has not unlocked Hound of Balthazar:

"It is good to see you again, hero. I hope you have fared well in battle. No...that's dishonest, for I know exactly how well you've performed. We, the Sworn of the Zaishen, have witnessed your contributions from afar. If you will have it, we wish to offer you a blessing of Balthazar, one that may be of some use to you on your travels."
Yes A gift?
Level 5 Pet Unlocked: hound of Balthazar
"Speak with Wynn in the Zaishen Menagerie. You will find I have already made the arrangements and that your gift is waiting. Use it wisely and stay ever vigilant. This world can ill afford to lose someone so important to our cause."
Ask I'm not so sure. What's your deal?
"You are wise not to trust blindly. Many heroes have been betrayed by placing their faith in those who did not deserve it. I won't try to sway your opinion through unnecessary words. All that needs to be said is that the Sworn are dedicated to Balthazar and performing his work. Your goals and ours align, and we wish to help you. Is that enough?"
Yes I was just curious. You had me at "gift."
No As someone once told me at Maladar's Fort: "Trust no one." I'll pass.


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