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An arena is a game area meant for PvP matches. They are self-contained, meaning that there is no outside area accessible from within the arena. The maps played on in Arenas are usually small and straightforward with little place to hide from opponents.

Guild Wars provides the following kinds of arenas:

Participants can access the arena from the quest The Team Trials or by entering Isle of the Nameless via Great Temple of Balthazar and speaking to the Master of Paths, who will be at the foot of the entrance ramp, directly to the right. You may enter this arena alone, with a team of heroes, or with a team of human players. A run through all four training matches takes under 10 minutes, and can earn about 1250 Balthazar faction. Two runs will generally hit the cap on daily faction from NPC arenas, and the player will have to move to another type of arena to continue earning faction.
Participants enter the arena individually and are randomly grouped together in teams of 4, playing in random maps with random victory conditions.
Participants enter the arena to battle with a "Sealed Deck" as two teams of four and get to play in random maps with random victory conditions.
Special events

Prior to the October 23, 2009 game update, two arenas existed in the place of the Codex Arena:

  • Team Arenas were an arena format that pitted two organized teams against each other, with four players on each side.
  • Hero Battles were an arena format that brought two teams, consisting of one human and three heroes, together in a "king of the hill" style battle.