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Sealed Deck play is a GvG gametype that involves creating a team build in a limited amount of time using a random pool of skills. Specific rules regarding disallowed skills, items, and weapons may vary based on the individual tournament; however, the general rules remain the same. A variation of Sealed Deck is used in the Codex Arena.

General details[edit]

  • Each player is given a random set of 20 skill cards of various rarity, including three Rank 1 skills, seven Rank 2 skills, and ten Rank 3 skills. For information of skill rarity, see Appendix C of the official rules.
  • Each player may trade skill cards with members of their team.
  • Each team will, overall, have exactly the same set of skill cards as their opponents.
  • Each skill card may only be used once per team. Therefore, if the skill card for Mending is drawn, only one character will be able to use it. Likewise, if the decks have two copies of that skill, you can use it only twice.

Universal skills[edit]

Certain skills, due to their highly important nature, are not limited by the random generator. As such, these skills do not appear on any skill cards:

  • Any player is allowed to choose the skill Resurrection Signet for their character build.
  • If a player chooses to play a Beast Mastery skill then they can choose to use the Charm Animal skill. If that player removes all Beast Mastery skills, then they must also remove the Charm Animal skill from their character build.
  • If a player chooses to play a Dagger Mastery skill then they can choose to use the Desperate Strike (Lead Attack) and/or the Fox Fangs (Off-hand Attack) skills. If that player removes all Dagger Mastery skills, then they must remove Desperate Strike and Fox Fangs from their character build.

Common variants[edit]

  • While not a part of the official rules, many sealed deck tournaments allow each player to pick a "wildcard" skill. This wildcard can be any one non-elite skill from that character's primary profession. Usually, any teams that take advantage of a wildcard skill are required to announce the skill to the other team before the beginning of the match.



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