Training Arena

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Training Arena
Team trials map.jpg
Campaign Core
Region The Battle Isles
Type Challenge
Party size 8

Players are transported to this arena for The Team Trials quest.

Getting there[edit]

It is not necessary to have The Team Trials quest active in order to access the Training Arena. All a player must do is enter Isle of the Nameless from Great Temple of Balthazar. At the foot of the entrance ramp to the player's right will be the Master of Paths. Speak to him and you will be offered the chance to go to the Training Arena, the Random Arenas, or the Great Temple.


Balthazar faction
Unique kill 40
Victory 50
Flawless 50

There is no official reward but you can earn roughly 1,250 Balthazar faction by completing all four Training Arena matches. You can complete it again to reach the daily cap of 2,000 Balthazar faction; therefore, you can earn enough faction for a Zaishen Key every two to three days from the Training Arena alone. Any faction earned in Zaishen Challenge and Zaishen Elite counts towards the cap. Also, any faction earned in Training Arena counts towards the Balthazar faction cap in Zaishen Challenge and Zaishen Elite. The faction cap resets every 24 hours from when you last started any of the simulated PVP.


There are four battles that make up the "Training". Your opponents consist of a team of four NPCs.

The first battle is a simple annihilation match, the second an Obelisk Flag Stand match (or, if you simply ignore your flag and the obelisk, as many people prefer, another simple annihilation match), and the third is annihilation with Priests. The final match is Kill Count. The arena remains the same for all four matches, as does, essentially, the strategy of the computer opponents.

The only difference in the NPCs' tactics is in where they go to for each match. For the first, they will go (unless you intercept them) up to the door of your release area, but will not go inside or initiate combat unless you step outside. For the second, they will bring their flag and capture the Obelisk Flag Stand and stay there until you approach. For the third and fourth, though, they will come all the way to your side and inside your resurrection area for their initial attack.

Winning all four of the battles should be fairly easy for any experienced player, and inexperienced players are likely to learn what they need to win these matches quickly. Flawless victories are extremely common for the first three matches, but significantly harder for the final one.







Intermediate dialogue[edit]

During Annihilation Training:

Master of Paths: "When your team stands alive on the battle field and all your enemies are dead, you have won an annihilation match."
Master of Paths: "Remember to use your skills to add damage to your basic attacks."
Master of Paths: "Holding down the left Ctrl key while using a skill will help your team focus attacks on your target."

During Obelisk Annihilation Training:

Master of Paths: "Obelisks are places of power that radiate damage over a wide area. To capture an obelisk for your side, take one of your team's flags to the Obelisk Flag Stand in its center."
Master of Paths: "To drop an item such as a flag, switch to your weapon using the F1 key or press the on-screen "Drop Item" button."
Master of Paths: "Enemy Monks can heal their party members. Use the Tab or Ctrl keys to locate the Monks if you wish to attack them first."
Master of Paths: "Holding down the left Ctrl key while using a skill will help your team focus attacks on your target."

During Priest Annihilation Training:

Priest: "As long as I tend the Resurrection Shrine, I can periodically resurrect fallen members of your party."
Master of Paths: "You may find priests manning the resurrection shrines [sic] on some battlefields. [sic] These priests will resurrect all dead team members every two minutes."
Master of Paths: "You must kill the enemy priests as well as the entire opposing team to win."

During Kill Count Training:

Master of Paths: "To win the match, your team must score more kills than the opposing team before the time limit runs out."
Master of Paths: "Teams resurrect very quickly in Kill Count. Do not be discouraged by death, only score more kills than your opponent."


  • Your character does not have to be level 20 to be able to enter.
  • If the Training Arena is entered with a party of less than four, henchmen will be added to the party.
  • This arena does not appear to be located on the Battle Isles map. You can only access it by speaking to the Master of Paths; however, you can map travel out of the area at any time.
  • In the Kill Count Training, the enemies will say "gg" (an abbreviation for "good game") when the match is over.
  • Upon completion of all four matches, your party will appear in Great Temple of Balthazar.
Bug Bug.Players can enter this arena in a party of up to eight that can consist of players and heroes, thus being able to fight eight versus four.