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Info-Logo.png Note: As of the August 2nd 2007 game update, there are currently no Kill Count maps in the Heroes' Ascent map rotation. The Random Arena maps are still in rotation as normal.

Kill Count is a PvP game type where the objective is to kill as many opponents as possible. It is currently only featured on two maps: The Crag and Dragon Arena.

It was also implemented in two Heroes' Ascent maps briefly: Broken Tower and The Courtyard. Broken Tower has since been removed from map circulation, and The Courtyard now uses the King of the Hill objective.

The Crag[edit]

  • The team with the highest kills score after the timer ends wins.
  • If both teams have equal scores when the timer ends, the match goes into Sudden Death and the first team to score a point automatically wins.

Dragon Arena[edit]

  • The first team to score 20 kills wins.
  • If both teams score their 20th kill within a second or two of each other, it is considered a draw and both teams lose.