King of the Hill

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A King of the Hill map is a PvP match type exclusive to Heroes' Ascent. The only two maps that currently support this objective are The Courtyard and occasionally The Hall of Heroes. The Hall of Heroes cycles through three different objectives, so your chance of getting a King of the Hill match is about 33% (The other two objectives are Relic Run and Capture Points).


  • Capping an altar requires bringing your team's Ghostly Hero to it. He must then successfully cast Claim Resource to capture the altar. Claim Resource can be interrupted via interrupts and knockdowns, but it cannot be disabled.
  • Once an altar is captured, no other team may capture it until the defending team's Ghostly Hero is killed.
  • Teams gain one point for every uninterrupted 30 seconds they have the altar.
  • At the end of the match, the team with the most points wins. If two teams are tied for points at the end of the match, the team who gained the most recent point is declared the winner.