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This list contains all recent updates as published by ArenaNet. If there are undocumented changes, they are listed in a section titled "Guild Wars Wiki notes" under the related update.

Update -- August 31, 2018[edit]


  • Fixed a bug that caused chat channel filters to behave incorrectly.

Update -- August 30, 2018[edit]


  • Custom chat filters have been improved.
    • Added hot-reloading of ChatFilter.ini. Changes will automatically be picked up on save.
    • Unicode characters are supported. Please ensure ChatFilter.ini is saved using Unicode or UTF16 (with BOM) encoding.
    • Added a new type of filter, which can filter by word instead of just substring.
    • Whispers that are suppressed no longer play the incoming whisper audio cue.

File Syntax:


BadText = Suppress, Any  ; Suppress any message that contains this text anywhere. Example: (This BadTexting text -> DELETED!).
BadWörd = Censor,   Word ; Censor this bad word. Example: (What a Unicode BadWörd -> What a Unicode -------)

Update -- August 23, 2018[edit]


  • Performed server maintenance.

Update -- August 16, 2018[edit]


  • The port for connecting to the log-in servers has been changed from 6600 to 6112 to be consistent with our other servers.
  • The support URLs on the log-in screen have been updated.


  • Customized items that are bound to characters that have had their name changed will now be fixed after logging in with that character.

Update -- July 10, 2018[edit]


  • Fixed a bug that could cause map loading screens to get stuck at 0% completion.

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