Master of Paths

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Master of Paths
Zaishen priest.jpg
Affiliation Zaishen Order
Type Human
Level(s) 20
Campaign Core

The Master of Paths is a Zaishen master who allows players access to the Training Arena. In the Training Arena, he cannot be targeted by foes and does not take damage (e.g. from Enemy Elementalist's area of effect skills).



Quests involved in:


"Greetings, young one. It is my duty to offer you a choice, a fork in your path, if you are willing and ready. Once you make your choice, you may still return here and choose another path at any time. Are you ready to learn of the different paths?"
⇒Yes. Tell me of my choices."
"Well, let's see. There is the Training Arena, which I can show you; the Random Arenas to the east; and the The Great Temple to the south, to name a few."
⇒ Tell me of your Training Arenas.
"In the Training Arenas, I will teach you a bit about each of the four different arena types you will find throughout the world. Some members of the Zaishen Order have agreed to aid us in your training. Up to three others will group with you, while four others will become the opposing team"
⇒ I am ready to take a team into the Training Arenas
⇒ Let's talk about something else.
⇒ What are the Random Arenas?
"The Random Arenas will take you all around the known world to fight other people in exotic locations. Each team of four is randomly chosen from among those waiting to compete. You will continue to fight in a new Random Arena each time so long as your team continues winning. When you are defeated, you will be returned to the outpost here in the Battle Isles. To reach the Random Arenas, follow the shore east from here and speak to the Boat Captain.
If I may offer up a piece of advice, however, I would suggest that you first learn the rules of arena combat by entering my Training Arenas."
⇒ Let's talk about something else.
⇒ What is the Great Temple?
"The Great Temple of Balthazar is the largest outpost in these Isles and attracts champions such as yourself from all over the world. While you are there, or in any outpost, you may meet up with friends, form groups, discuss strategy, ask advice, equip your skills, and adjust your attribute points.
You may also speak to the priests of Balthazar to unlock new skills if you have proven yourself in battle or quest for the god of war. To reach the temple, cross the bridge to the south of there, through the shimmering portal."
⇒ Let's talk about something else.
I'll be on my way.