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Disambig icon.png This article is about the PvP bundle item. For the command, see Hero flag.
Single-use No
Campaign Core

A flag is used in PvP to take control of a flag stand or obelisk. A PvP map, such as a guild hall, has one flag for each team on the map so the flag is colored to represent the team.



Flags have set spawning places in a PvP map. There is only ever one flag active for each team on the map at each time.

A player of the flag color is able to pick up and carry the flag which gives no benefit to the holder but slows their movement speed. The player may drop the flag at any time and it will stay indefinitely at the new location until it is picked up again. If the player is killed it is as if the flag is dropped. If the flag is picked up by a member of the opposition it is returned to its spawn point.

If the flag is taken to the stand it claims that stand for the team if it wasn't already. This will activate the benefit of that stand for the team until a flag from the opposition is taken to the same stand. Applying the flag to the stand will result in another flag spawning at the spawn point.


  • Unlike other bundles, flags remain visible during emotes.

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