Brawler's Pit

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Brawler's Pit
Brawler's Pit CU.jpg
Region Kaineng City
Victory condition Annihilation
Party size 4
Allowed levels 20
Priest/Obelisk Fireball Obelisk
Effect None

Brawler's Pit is of one the maps in rotation in Random and Codex Arena.


The map has a direct route to the opposing team and each "base" spawns a flag. Players can control an obelisk by placing their flag on the Obelisk Flag Stand. A path close to the entrance of each base leads up to the Obelisk Flag Stand and there is also a stairway from the Obelisk Flag Stand to the middle of the main route.


Deathmatch: To be victorious, at least one player on your team has to be alive after he has killed the last opponent.

Common Tactics/Tips[edit]

  • Obelisk control can be important in breaking a stalemate between two evenly matched teams.
  • When near the obelisk with your team's flag, if a player is about to take control, let them take control then immediately take control with your team's flag.
  • You can body block the enemy from entering your base by standing at the entrance. useful against melee attackers.


Bug Bug.On this map, there are certain locations on the bridges in which you will block every attack against you. This bug is probably caused by a clipping issue.


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