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This page provides a quick, single page guide to abbreviations used in chat and other places in Guild Wars. It's meant to be a practical guide for users who are new to the game and need some help understanding the lingo.

Rules for adding content:

  • The page does not aim to be all encompassing, but rather to cover:
    • Terms that are likely to be encountered (i.e. if you haven't seen it used commonly in chat, then don't add it).
    • Terms that are not commonly known, and are not obvious. (e.g. don't add "lol" means) or explain that "u" == "you".)
      • However, there's some space for semi-commonly known terms at the end under Chat (Generic).
  • If the abbreviated and non-abbreviated terms are both common, list both.
  • If the term varies in capitalization, just list the most common abbreviation. (e.g. AB instead of Ab.)

Guild tags[edit]

Guild tags are the 2-4 letter tags appended to the name of players that belong to guild. e.g. if a player named Budweiser belongs to a guild "King of the Beers" with tag KotB, then their name in-game will look like "Budweiser [KotB]".

Guild tags are not necessarily abbreviations, and are not necessarily unique. e.g. all guilds that belong to the NiTe alliance use the tag "NiTe" and are all named something like "Dragons of winter [NiTe]", so that the appended guild tag is actually part of the name.

Guild tags are also commonly used to complete a phrase started with the guild name, e.g. "We Are Afraid Of The [Dark]".

Guild Wars specific terms[edit]

Abbrev. Expansion Details
15^50 +15% over 50%
40/40 40/40 set
55 or 55 monk 55 Monk
AB Alliance Battle
AC Alliance Chat Chat channel accessible only to alliance members
ae America English America English district
AoE Area of effect
arms or a Armbrace of Truth Often used as a form of currency for more expensive items
assa Assassin
BDS Bone Dragon Staff
BiP Blood is Power
BU Essence of Celerity Originated as "Back Up" as it's considered the most important component of a consumable set (see cons or conset)
CoF Cathedral of Flames
cons or conset Consumable set
derv Dervish
dis or d District Used to specify which district to meet in e.g. "dis 1 is full; come to dis 2".
DoA Domain of Anguish
DSR Dhuum's Soul Reaper
DShot Distracting Shot
EBSoH Ebon Battle Standard of Honor
ecto or e Glob of Ectoplasm Often used as a form of currency
ee Ebon Escape
eee Embark Beach Europe English district A common meeting place for Underworld and Fissure of Woe speed clear teams
EL Everlasting tonic
ele Elementalist
emo Elementalist/Monk
ench enchantment
EoE Edge of Extinction
EotN Eye of the North Can refer to either the outpost or the expansion.
EVAS Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support
FA Fort Aspenwood
FoW Fissure of Woe
GC Guild Chat Chat channel accessible only to guild members
GH Guild Hall
GLF Group Looking For
GotH Gift of the Huntsman
GotT or Nick gift Gift of the Traveler
GToB Great Temple of Balthazar
GvG Guild versus Guild
GWAMM God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals The final rank in the Kind of a Big Deal title
HA Heroes' Ascent
HCT Halves casting time
HM Hard Mode
HoM Hall of Monuments
HR Heroic Refrain
HSR Halves skill recharge
IAU "I Am Unstoppable!"
imba Imbagon
Int International Refers to International District
JQ Jade Quarry
k platinum 1000 gold
Kama Kamadan, Jewel of Istan A popular town for trading
KD Knock down
KoaBD Kind of a Big Deal
LA Lion's Arch
LDoA Legendary Defender of Ascalon
LFG Looking for Group Someone looking for a group to join for some purpose. e.g. "LFG Charr Hunting.'
lp or pick Lockpick
Me, mes, or mez Mesmer
MM Minion Master
Mo Monk
necro Necromancer
NF Guild Wars Nightfall
NM Normal Mode
obby Obsidian Armor Terms such as "obby shard" and "obby edge" refer to other obsidian items.
OP Over-powered Usually refers to skills or builds that are significantly more effective than average
OS old school uninscribable weapons
para Paragon
PBAoE Point blank area of effect
PC Price Check Someone asking for the going price on a given item. This is asked in a guild, alliance, or Kamadan, prior to sale/purchase.
pcons Personal consumables Any items which provide a buff to only the user in an explorable area
Perfect Perfect
perma Permanent Maintaining a particular effect; most commonly Shadow Form
Perma pre or perma-pre Permanent pre-Searing character
PI Pain Inverter
PM Private Message I.e. a whisper, so "pm me" means "whisper me". "psst" is also occasionally used.
Pre Pre-searing
Proph Guild Wars Prophecies
Post Post-Searing Usually only used in pre-Searing and just after leaving pre.
PvE Player versus Environment
PvP Player versus Player
RA Random Arenas
req or q Requirement
rit or Rt Ritualist
rupt interrupt
SC Speed clear Often prefaced with an abbreviation of what is being speed cleared e.g. SoOSC = Shards of Orr Speed Clear
sin Assassin
SoGM Signet of Ghostly Might
SoO Shards of Orr
SoS Signet of Spirits
SF Shadow Form Very rarely used for Searing Flames.
ST Soul Twisting Often used to refer to a build including Shelter as well as Soul Twisting
UA Unyielding Aura Often refers to a player using this skill
UW Underworld
VoS Vow of Strength Often refers to a player using this skill. Occasionally used for Vow of Silence
VQ or vanq Vanquish
VSF Voltaic Spear Farm
war or warr Warrior
Wammo Warrior/Monk
WiK War in Kryta
WoC Winds of Change
WTB Want to Buy e.g. WTB Black Dye.
WTS Want to Sell e.g. WTS White Dye.
WTT Want to Trade e.g. WTT Voltaic Spear for Globs of Ectoplasm
YMLaD "You Move Like a Dwarf!"
Zkey Zaishen Key A chest key that, because of its rarity and price, is often used as currency.
ZM Zaishen Mission

Generic chat[edit]

Chat terms that you may see anywhere, not just in Guild Wars. For much longer list, see Webopedia.

Abbrev. Expansion Details
afk Away From Keyboard To indicate that player has stepped away from keyboard. When used as an emote (/afk) triggers the sitting animation. Sitting is an informal way to indicate that you're not around, but is only useful for players who can see you. A more useful action is to set your player status to "Away" in the Friends List window.
bbl Be Back Later
bbiab Be Back In A Bit
brb Be Right Back or BathRoom Break
brt Be Right There
ftw For The Win A common expression among players to say something is good.
ftl For the loss
fr Full run
gg Good Game/Good Going
gj Good Job
gl Good Luck
gn Good Night
grats, gratz or gz Congratulations
hf Have Fun
ign In Game Name
irl In Real Life carry over from online chat rooms
k/kk Okay
nn Night Night
np No Problem
nvm Never Mind
ty Thank You
tyt Take your time
tyvm Thank you very much
yw You're welcome
Wc or w/c Wrong chat
whoru Who Are You
omw On My Way

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