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Warrior Ranger1 Monk1
Warrior Obsidian armor f.jpg Warrior Obsidian armor m.jpg Ranger Obsidian armor f.jpg Ranger Obsidian armor m.jpg Monk Obsidian armor f.jpg Monk Obsidian armor m.jpg
Female Male Female Male Female Male
Necromancer1 Mesmer1 Elementalist1
Necromancer Obsidian armor f.jpg Necromancer Obsidian armor m.jpg Mesmer Obsidian armor f.jpg Mesmer Obsidian armor m.jpg Elementalist Obsidian armor f.jpg Elementalist Obsidian armor m.jpg
Female Male Female Male Female Male
Assassin Ritualist
Assassin Obsidian armor f.jpg Assassin Obsidian armor m.jpg Ritualist Obsidian armor f.jpg Ritualist Obsidian armor m.jpg
Female Male Female Male
Paragon Dervish
Paragon Obsidian armor f.jpg Paragon Obsidian armor m.jpg Dervish Obsidian armor f.jpg Dervish Obsidian armor m.jpg
Female Male Female Male

1These professions have no Obsidian headgear.


  • Players also refer to this as Obby, FoW, or Fissure armor (the first based on one of its required materials and the latter two because its crafter is located in the Fissure of Woe).
  • These armor sets are the most expensive in the game: it requires the greatest amount of rare materials and its required (Obsidian Shards and Globs of Ectoplasm) are among the most expensive (whether acquired in Trade or from a trader).
  • You gain a point in your Hall of Monuments Reward Calculator the first time you display this armor in your Hall of Monuments.

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