The Fissure of Woe

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Fissure of Woe
The Fissure of Woe.jpg
Campaign Core
Region The Mists
Type Explorable area
Reward chest Chest of Woe
Exit(s) None
Ring of Fire Island Chain loading screen.jpg
Loading screen
The Fissure of Woe map.jpg
Interactive map
Eternal Conqueror of the Fissure of Woe.jpg
Reward trophy in the Hall of Monuments.

The Fissure of Woe, also called the Realm of War, is the realm of Balthazar. In this realm, the god of war and his Eternals are engaged in a battle with Menzies and his Shadow Army. It is divided into nine known sections and is full of wreckage, battlefields, and fiery landscapes; the sole exception to this is the Forest of the Wailing Lord. According to Admiral Saidon the Eternal, the Fissure of Woe will always be in conflict.

Getting there[edit]

To get to the Fissure of Woe, all players of the party must be Ascended or Weh no Su (Elonian characters may instead complete the quest Hunted!). Players must then either use a Passage Scroll to the Fissure of Woe (in Embark Beach or any of the following locations below), or pay 1Platinum to the Champion of Balthazar at a Statue of Balthazar in any of the following locations:

Quests available[edit]

All quests can be repeated by re-entering the area.


Mission objectives[edit]

The Fissure of Woe

  • Tower of Courage
  • The Wailing Lord
  • A Gift of Griffons
  • Defend the Temple of War
  • The Eternal Forgemaster
  • Army of Darkness
  • Restore the Temple of War
  • Khobay the Betrayer
  • Tower of Strength
  • Slaves of Menzies
  • The Hunt
  • Your party has completed # of 11 quests.
  • Balthazar has acknowledged the great deeds you have performed. Return to the forge in the Temple of War to claim your reward.



Ghosts (Eternals)









  • Warrior 24 (24) Traitorous Temple Guard (only during Khobay the Betrayer)
  • Monk 24 (24) Traitorous Temple Guard (only during Khobay the Betrayer)
  • Elementalist 24 (24) Traitorous Temple Guard (only during Khobay the Betrayer)




Nightmares (Shadow Army)








Nightmares (Shadow Army)

Boss-like foes[edit]


Nightmares (Shadow Army)


  • You can repeat the area's quests each time you enter the Fissure of Woe. After completing all eleven,
    • You will see the message, "Balthazar has acknowledged the great deeds you have performed. Return to the forge in the Temple of War to claim your reward".
    • A Chest of Woe will spawn near the Eternal Forgemaster.
    • After the first time, you can add the Eternal Conqueror of The Fissure of Woe statue to your "Honor" monument.
  • The Eternal Forgemaster will buy items in your inventory when he returns to the forge, after you keep it safe from attack.
  • The Fissure of Woe area does not count towards any Cartographer title.
  • You can get kicked out of the area in three situations:
    • If all members of your party die; there are no resurrection shrines, so a wipe results in mission failure.
    • In Hard mode, if everyone in the party has a Death Penalty of 60%.
    • If you allow any of your allies to die. (Be sure to clear any nearby patrols to prevent this.)
Anomaly Anomaly.The lava in the Fissure of Woe is harmless.
Bug Bug.On rare occasions, a Shadow Ranger will spawn inside the Tower of Courage, preventing quest completion unless your party can kill it without having a line of sight.


  • Players often refer to the Fissure of Woe as "FoW".
  • The Fissure of Woe uses the Ring of Fire Islands loading screen despite technically being in the Mists.

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