Khobay the Betrayer

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Khobay the Betrayer
Section Fissure of Woe Quests
Campaign Core
Given by Eternal Forgemaster
in The Fissure of Woe
(Fissure of Woe)
Preceded by Defend the Temple of War
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest
Lord Khobay map.jpg
Route to Lord Khobay including
the NPCs who provide the required quests

Hunt down the traitors who betrayed the Temple of War to the army of Menzies.

Quest Information[edit]




Follow the starburst to the Lake of Fire southeast of the Eternal Forgemaster. In the Lake of Fire area, you will run across groups of Obsidian Furnace Drakes, Smoke Walker monks, and a few Infernal Wurms. Khobay's group itself isn't hard to dispose of, but it is next to an Infernal Wurm that can be a problem due to its siege attacks. Pulling Khobay away from it, into a chasm that your team passes through, is a recommended tactic as it blocks the siege attack's line of sight.





Initial dialogue[edit]

Eternal Forgemaster
"It was through treachery, not force of arms, that Menzies waylaid the true protectors of the Temple and imprisoned me. Imagining some greater glory he might attain, the scheming Lord Khobay, head of the Temple Guard, betrayed us and delivered the Temple into the Hands of the Shadow Army.
"Seeing your approach, the coward fled, no doubt seeking to hide in the Lake of Fire. Go now and deliver justice to Lord Khobay and all of the traitorous Temple Guards."
Yes Accept: "I will destroy the traitors!"
No Decline: "Vengeance can wait."
Ask Ask: "How can you remain here while the betrayer remains free? For three hundred years did Lord Khobay serve Balthazar at the Temple of War. Though honored with a post in this most sacred of places, he was not content. I know he desired to hold command over Balthazar's armies, but I never thought his ambition would lead to this. Such betrayal cannot be forgiven. Hunt down Lord Khobay and all the traitorous Temple Guards who followed him."

Reward Dialogue[edit]

Eternal Forgemaster
"Balthazar's justice has been served. With the destruction of Lord Khobay and his followers, the betrayal of the Temple has been avenged."