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Menzies the Mad, also known as the Lord of Destruction, is the evil half-brother of Balthazar. Though never seen, he commands the Shadow Army and other shadow related creatures such as the Darknesses. He seeks to usurp Balthazar in order to gain Balthazar's powers and take control of the Fissure of Woe.

To do this, he has sent his priest to stage an assault on the Fissure of Woe and went so far as to corrupt various Eternals to gain an upper hand in the battle. Although many Eternals were corrupted by Menzies, Abaddon also claimed his share as seen by the Shrine of the Traitors.

To aid himself in his fight against Balthazar, Menzies has made an alliance with Abaddon and Dhuum's servants. As part of this pact with the fallen gods, Menzies once sent three of his Darknesses to lead a force of Dhuum's followers and demons in an attack on The Hall of Heroes through the portal from the Tomb of the Primeval Kings.

The latest movement of Menzies forces holds them in various places within the Realm of Torment. Menzies has also been known to have his forces staged in the endless plane of Ravenheart Gloom, it is unknown if Menzies himself is within this darkened land or not.

The Priest of Menzies, Shakahm the Summoner, and the Greater Darkness are the most powerful members of Menzies' army observed in the game.


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  • Menzies (pronounced Mingus; rhymes with "thing is") is the name of a Highland Scottish clan. It is debated within the community whether the pronunciation applies to the god as well.

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