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:Disambig icon.png This article is about the Dwarven God. For the cinematic of a similar name, see The Great Dwarf.

Anvil Rock, a location tied deeply to the Great Dwarf.

Every Dwarf knows the tale of the Great Dwarf and the Great Destroyer. While most Dwarves with any spiritual leanings still believe their race was forged upon Anvil Rock by the Great Dwarf in an age before men, few actually put much stock in the myth of a titanic struggle between their Dwarven deity and a mystical creature of vast destructive power and limitless evil. That all changed, however, when the Tome of Rubicon, an ancient Dwarven artifact supposedly created by the Great Dwarf himself, was found buried deep within Sorrow's Furnace.

After quashing repeated attempts by the Stone Summit Dwarves to retrieve the tome and call forth the Great Destroyer, High Priest Alkar led a group of excavators into the rubble of the Stone Basilica to bring the ancient relic home. In his translations, Alkar has found that the tome contains more than just an account of the earliest days of the Dwarven race. It also provides specific details about a final conflict between the Dwarves and minions of the Great Destroyer who will "swarm up from the bowels of the earth and spread across the world." The battle between the Great Dwarf and the Great Destroyer is fated to play out once again, it seems. The tome does not foretell the entirety of the outcome, nor predict a victor. It only mentions that the Dwarves will be "forever transformed" by this final battle.

The Guild Wars Eye of the North Manuscript

The Great Dwarf is the patron god of the Dwarves. It is said that when the Great Dwarf still walked on the world of Tyria, he used Anvil Rock as his forge, and at another time used the Anvil of Dragrimmar to forge weapons with the strength of the Dwarven people and shields as unbreakable as their collective will. Ages ago, the Great Dwarf battled against the Great Destroyer and in order to defeat the creature, stole its name and sealed it within the Tome of Rubicon. It is also said that when he left Tyria, he traveled to the Great Forge that lies within the Rift and currently rules there.

Within the Tome of Rubicon lies a prophecy claiming that when the Great Destroyer rises, the Great Dwarf will do battle with it.

The Great Dwarf, although worshiped as a god, is a collective consciousness. When King Jalis Ironhammer performed the Rite of the Great Dwarf and linked the minds of the Dwarves, they fulfilled the prophecy within the Tome of Rubicon. No one has ever seen the Great Dwarf in the flesh.[1]


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